200 shelter cats and dogs to be evacuated by charter flight after Afghanistan scandal and dispute

The demand for the evacuation of animals by former Marine Paul Part Farting has provoked controversy, as thousands of people fearing their lives for fear of their lives after the Taliban return to power are desperately trying to leave Afghanistan near the US evacuation deadline of 31 August.

Farthing, who arrived in Afghanistan as part of the British military contingent, completed his service and established an animal shelter, Nowzad, in Kabul, which provided shelter for cats, dogs and donkeys.

He still remained in Kabul and, with the help of crowd funding, hired a plane to evacuate his shelter staff, their families and about 200 dogs and cats. This event has been called Operation “Ark” by Farting.

Earlier, Wallis had said it would be wrong to give preference to pets over humans, but on Wednesday, the minister said on Twitter that he had allowed the screening of Farting’s Afghan collaborators for admission to the airport.

Then, “if he (Farting) arrives with his animals, we will try to find an interval for his plane,” Wallis added.

He emphasized that the main problem was to maintain the evacuation process, not the capacity of the aircraft.

Wallis pointed out that Farting and his British visa staff could also take off on a Royal Air Force plane without taking their animals with them.

On Tuesday, Wallis told Sky News that a Farthing plane was blocking the airfield, standing there empty, while officials checked people in a long line.

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He added that he would not give preference to the animals he saved over desperate men, women and children.

But Farting has launched an animal rescue campaign, which has also been supported by several celebrities.

British tabloids have also traditionally supported animal protection campaigns abroad.

Since 13 August, Britain has evacuated more than 10,000 people from Afghanistan.

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