2019 European elections: turnout in the Czech Republic less than 20%


Further reactions to the resignation in May: "He misjudged the mood in the country"

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz hopes, after the announced resignation of British Prime Minister Theresa May as party leader, that his successor will negotiate an orderly Brexit. "I hope that regardless of their declaration of resignation, the reason prevails in the United Kingdom," wrote Kurz, who is under pressure for the video of the Ibiza scandal and the subsequent government crisis on Twitter on Friday. "I came to know Theresa May as a politician of principles and resolve who led her country at a time of great uncertainty."

Nigel Farage, Member of the Brexit party, accuses Theresa May of an error of assessment. "Politically, she has not really judged the mood of the country and her party," he says.

The rating agency Moody Warns after Theresa May's resignation announcement before a tough Brexit. Their decision has increased this risk, says Moody analyst Sarah Carlson. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit weighs on investment and personal decisions and therefore hinders economic growth.

the The economist Mark Dowding The asset manager BlueBay Asset Management also sees hope in a withdrawal agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom falling with the May departure. "Brussels has no intention of renegotiating with a Brexit extremist, so the likelihood of a Brexit lasts again significantly." However, every new prime minister will have difficulty getting a tough Brexit through parliament. "Many conservative MPs remain firmly attached to the EU. As a result, the risk of new elections increases".



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