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2019 Ice Hockey World Cup: Canada – USA Live Ticker! Canada guarantees an excellent German position in the quarter-finals

At the 2019 Ice Hockey World Cup, the main Canadian-US match concludes the preliminary round. (Archive)

At the 2019 Ice Hockey World Cup, the main Canadian-US match concludes the preliminary round. (Archive)

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Kosice. In the last match of Group A at the Ice Hockey World Cup 2019 it is said: Canada – USA, The duel of the North American neighbors is not only a game of tip, but also eminently important from the German point of view.

And the Canadians have provided the necessary assistance. Germany gets rid of the Russians and plays against the weaker Czechs on Thursday. The game takes place at 16:15 or 20:15.

Canada – USA: Germany hopes for the victory of the Canadians

Canada wins against the United States, Germany finishes third in the group stage and avoids a duel with unbeaten Russia in the quarter-finals, the first favorite of the 2019 ice hockey World Cup title.

Follow the World Cup game in our live ticker.

+++ Update live ticker +++


Canada – USA 3: 0 (2: 0, 1: 0, 0: 0)

Goalkeepers: 1: 0 Pierre-Luc Dubois, 2: 0 Kyle Turris, 3: 0 Jared McCann


22:26; Much has happened in the game of Russia. 7: 4 stands only for Russia.

22:24: Closing time! Canada beat the United States 3: 0. Become first in the group: Germany on Thursday in the quarter finals ran against the Czech Republic.

22:15: Hope only sprouted briefly. The Russians increase up to 7: 2.

22:13: Back to the game Russia. The Swedes shorten the distance. "Only" 2: 6.

22:10: Canada will not stop. The North Americans go to 4-0.

22:05: Twelve minutes left. Canada does it with confidence.

21:48: Germany should now be in the quarterfinals against the Czech Republic.

21:38: It becomes even more bitter for Sweden. Russia scores five and six. Bitter.

21:31: It is now becoming bitter for the United States. Canada makes 3: 0. The scorer is Jared McCann of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

21:30: Swatter for the Swedes. Russia makes 4: 1.

21:20: The Canadians, after a severe blow to the head, are now outnumbered. Can Americans use their powerplay?

21:16: 3: 1 for the Russians. They live in their big role as favorites.

21.07 clock: Because the North Americans continue not to play further, we remain at the Russia game against Sweden. At least something happens. Russia makes it 2: 1.

21: The Russia game against Sweden has already begun. And Russia balances itself directly. 1: 1.

20:47: The first third is over. Canada is on the run with a 2: 0.

20.40 clock: In the parallel game between Russia and Sweden, it is the mode, 1: 0 for the Swedes.

20:28: 2: 0 for Canada. Kyle Turris of the Nashville Predators makes Germany dream.

20:18: 1: 0 for CANADA. He went fast. Pierre-Luc Dubois meets. Good for Germany.

20.10 clock: In a few minutes the disc slips, dear ice hockey fans. And the game is not only attractive but also important for the German national team. If the Canadians win against the United States, Germany will be the third in the group and for the moment will avoid the favorite Russia.

16:29: Germany has successfully overcome its task for the conquest of grade 3. In the game of noon, the DEB skate clubs have beaten the two-time world champion Finland 3: 2 and achieved a very strong performance. All about the game you can read here >>

15:20: From the German point of view, it is also worthwhile to join in the fun. DEB fans have to keep their fingers crossed for Canada, because with a defeat for the United States they left third place for Germany. So Söderholm's team does not have to play Russia in the quarter-finals.


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14.12 clock: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for the 2019 Ice Hockey World Cup. Canada vs. the United States – at the end of the preliminary round, once again a real surprise.

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