2021 incentives for cars towards exhaustion

BETWEEN 61 AND 135 G / KM – The incentives state for thebuying new cars they are requested with increasing frequency by motorists and have represented a real “rescue anchor” to reverse, at least in part, the contingency of the car market due to the pandemic. Incentives that are, however, going towards exhaustion. Specifically, by consulting the appropriate platform made available by Bet, it can be seen that the fund of 250 million made available with the 2021 budget law for the purchase, after scrapping, of cars with CO2 emissions between 61 and 135 g / km, is about to end since it currently amounts to 7 , 9 million. This is the most requested range which includes several Euro 6 petrol and diesel models and which, most likely, will be sold out by this weekend.

BETWEEN 0 AND 60 G / KM – Further from exhaustion the funds related to the purchase of rechargeable electric and hybrid cars, which fall within the range of 0-60 g / km of CO2; 77 million of the 120 allocated for the whole of 2021 are in fact available. However, even in this juncture, we should not rest too much on our laurels, because, according to a projection by the Motus-e association that deals with electric mobility, by August 2021 these funds will also be exhausted. This trend is to be found in the positive trend in sales of electric and plug-in hybrid cars. In the first three months of the year, a total of 15,011 “green” units were sold in Italy, including 7,314 electric and 7,697 rechargeable hybrids, which involved the consumption of 37% of available funds.

Let’s remember the incentive scheme:

Cars with CO2 emissions 0-20 g / km: with scrapping 8,000 euros of bonus plus 2,000 euros of concessionary contribution
Cars with CO2 emissions 0-20 g / km: without scrapping 5,000 euros of bonus plus 1,000 of the concessionaire’s contribution
Cars with CO2 emissions 21-60 g / km: with scrapping € 4,500 bonus plus € 2,000 contribution from the dealer
Cars with CO2 emissions 21-60 g / km: without scrapping 2,500 euros of bonus plus 1,000 euros of concessionary contribution
Cars with CO2 emissions of 61-135 g / km: 1,500 euros of bonus with scrapping in addition to the 2,000 euros of concessionary contribution

THE REQUESTS – To ensure the recovery of the car market in Italy, and to avoid abrupt stops due to the exhaustion of incentive measures, including requests from associations the category is to refinance the incentives that are running out and make the eco-bonus structural until 2026.

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