2021 NBA Offseason East Division Team Operation Evaluation: Southeast Division-NBA-Basketball

Since the 2021 off-season, which team in the Eastern Conference has carried out its magic operation? Which team messed up the chance for change?

As the big stars have settled, and the teams have begun to prepare for training camps, it is time to score the performance and reorganization of the teams in this month. Almost all teams in the Eastern Division are not idle. During this period, 6 out of 8 major contracts came from the Eastern Division; however, not every contract is so valued.

Then we will rate each team to reflect the team’s operations for the opportunity to improve the lineup (draft or FA). This evaluation mainly focuses on the team’s opportunities for the next season and how to make good use of salary, trading, and signing flexibility. To perform the operation (level “B” is the basic standard).

Based on the above framework, each group is divided into categories, and the performance of each team is scored one by one.

Atlanta Hawks: A

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As the dark horse that broke into the Eastern Conference Championship last season, the Hawks did not move much during the offseason, but they have fine-tuned the bench very well. Atlanta exchanged almost useless Kris Dunn and Bruno Fernando for point guard Delon Wright, the first choice in the backup world, and used 4 million a year to tie up Gorgui Dieng as a backup center candidate for the core leader Onyeka Okongwu to recover from injury.

The Hawks left John Collins with $125 million for five years, and it was no surprise that they reached an agreement to extend the contract with Trae Young, which also established the core of the future campaign. In addition, head coach Nate McMillan also played last season. After signing a long-term contract after outstanding performance, the Eagles are ready to spread their wings in the future!

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Charlotte Hornets: C+

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For the Hornets, which are more conservative in their off-season operations, a total of 24.6 million US dollars (guarantee 17 million) for two years

Signing Kelly Oubre Jr. can indeed increase the cap of the entire team. Charlotte used some of the remaining space to introduce veteran Ronin Mason Plumlee and Ish Smith, but unfortunately did not actively and boldly upgrade the fifth position in the team.

The Hornets were uncharacteristically this year. They gave up their future first-round picks and had to get one more this year. They chose center Kai Jones (they chose James Bouknight in the previous lottery), but they traded in Devonte’ Graham ( Sending him to the New Orleans Pelicans), they got back a first-round pick.

Miami Heat: B+

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In the entire league, in order to improve the chance of winning the 2021-22 season, no team has done more than the Heat. South Beach did not hesitate to come to Kyle Lowry (sign first and then change), and signed PJ Tucker from the imaginary enemy Bucks team, hoping to learn from his championship experience to knock off.

However, in the long run, the 35- and 36-year-old Lowry and Tucker were added in one breath, and the huge risks are still worrying (especially the decline of the offensive end of the two people last season); not to mention that the Heat also extended Butler By the time of the 2025-26 season, they will pay the 36-year-old him nearly 50 million dollars! But don’t worry, the Heat, under Pat Riley’s strategizing, can always think of ways under the policy of “winning the championship.”

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Orlando Magic: B+

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The Magic’s good results are largely due to their selection of rookies that the author is very optimistic about (the fifth overall pick is Jalen Suggs, and the eighth overall pick is Franz Wagner), and they also hired former Mavericks assistant Jamahl Mosley as the head coach. coach. But the above is the biggest highlight of the Magic this summer, which is indeed a pity.

If there is anything to add, the Magic also signed Robin Lopez for US$5 million a year as a penalty zone force, but what is confusing is that the Magic has already been training Wendell Carter Jr. and Mo Bamba at this time. Lopez, the mascot killer, is indeed incredible. And this contract is also the only contract for Magic with a salary above the base salary, and they are still maintaining the future of flexibility in salary space operations.

Washington Wizard: A

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You might be surprised that the wizard who didn’t stir up any waves this summer turned out to be one of the best teams in the offseason that the original author thought. Although Russell Westbrook was traded for three instant assets (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Montrezl Harrell, and Kyle Kuzma), and Spencer Dinwiddie ($45 million in three years) and Aaron Holiday were also signed, but the wizard is most likely to be in the new season You can only compete for tickets for the play-offs.

However, looking forward, the salary pressure of wizards has finally been reduced. Harrell’s contract has only one year left, and Caldwell-Pope’s guaranteed salary for the next quarter (2022-23) will only be 4.9 million; 28-year-old Dinwiddie is at its peak. Probably better than Westbrook to lead the wizard, especially when he is similar in age to the ace Bradley Beal, the wizard team can finally get out of the quagmire and go to the next stage.

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