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The new operator of the Hamburg TV tower, have presented their concept.

For almost 20 years, the Hamburg television is closed-tower – in two years, the highest open symbol of the Hanseatic city for visitors. According to the new operators have presented their concept on Wednesday. Is planned to be a combination of a viewing platform, restaurant and event venue.

“The Star of the tower itself”

“The Star of the tower itself,” said Philipp Westermeyer of Online Marketing rock stars (OMR). “We want to give everyone the Chance to make something up there.” In addition to OMR, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH and for the Home United Management GmbH belong to the operators. The business leader Tomislav Karajica said: “This is a huge opportunity. We look forward to filling a landmark of life.”

Classic view area with catering

The concept consists of two elements: the lower platform should be a classic view area with catering – the Catering, the Delicatessen dealer beetle from Munich takes over. This area is open to all hamburgers and tourists and is open every day. How high is the entrance fee will be money, could not tell the operator. Up to 200 people can stay there at the same time.

Second platform for different events

In the top of the platform there will be an event area for different events. “There could be, for example, album releases, and product presentations,” said Westmeyer. It could be also directed music videos. “Maybe seniors will meet there. And day-care centres can be high in larger groups.” Karajica: “Whoever wants to, can celebrate his wedding.”

The Hamburg TV Tower

A future for the TV tower

Hamburg Journal03.06.2020 at 19:30

For nearly 20 years, the television tower in Hamburg, empty. After extensive refurbishment it is supposed to start in three years. The new operators have presented their concept.

More than coffee and cake

The chief of the Hamburg Messe, Bernd Aufderheide, added: “Everyone wants to get to the television tower coffee and cake. But that’s not our concept. We know that there is so much creative cuisine that is sure a lot more comes to mind than that.” However, the food has to go with the Elevator to the top, because the height is not cooked it must be. The new owners are expecting a real onslaught on the “tele Michel”.

37 million euros for renovation

The Hamburg TV Tower. © picture-alliance / dpa photo: Christian Charisius

TV tower: operator present concept

NDR 90.3

NDR 90.3 is Currently

03.06.2020 13:00 Author: Reinhard Postelt

The Hamburg TV tower is in three years, again accessible to visitors. The new operators have presented their concept. Reinhard Postelt reported.

Since November of 2017, is clear that the public areas of the nearly 280-metre-high tower to be renovated. The Federal government and the city of Hamburg wanted to provide for the renovation of 18.5 million euros. The viewing platform and catering areas are located in around 130 metres in height, and drew once million visitors. The Restaurant turned around within an hour once around the axis of the tower.

Since 2001, closed

The Heinrich-Hertz-tower – so its official Name – was after six years of planning and construction 11. In may 1968, under a large crowd was opened. In 2001 came Off the tower had to be closed due to asbestos findings, and remediation. It was used then, but more in its function as a radio tower for the Transmission of radio and television programmes.

For More Information

Reinhard Postelt on the tele-Michel. © NDR photo: Screenshot


NDR television

NDR television

2023 Hamburg’s television to open the tower again. Is planned to be a combination of a viewing platform, restaurant and event venue. NDR 90.3 Reporter Reinhard Postelt reported.
Video (01:11 min)

The Hamburg TV Tower.


Hamburg Journal

Hamburg Journal

Since 2001, the TV tower now stands empty. Before that, the popular “tele Michel” attracted crowds of visitors – with a revolving Restaurant in the heights.
Video (04:36 min)

Hamburg TV Tower. © Hamburg Journal


Hamburg Journal

Hamburg Journal

In 1965, the construction of the TV tower began. After three years, Hamburg’s tallest structure was finished. Six facts about the slender tower.
Video (02:41 min)

View from below on the viewing platforms of the television tower in Hamburg, Germany. © Renate Ridley Photo: Renate Ridley

From 0 to 124 meters in just 25 seconds, the 12. April 1968, were visitors to Hamburg’s television tower. Special experience the fast-paced Elevator ride was in addition to the spectacular views.

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