2023 UTBK SNBT Batch 2: These are the Clothing Rules for Female Participants

KOMPAS.com – Computer-Based Writing Examination National Selection Based on Test (UTBK SNBT) batch 1 2023 ends, Sunday (14/5/2023) today.

Furthermore, UTBK SNBT 2023 batch 2 will start on May 22 to May 28, 2023.

For prospective students who receive exams in batch 2, they need to know the dress code when taking part in the 2023 UTBK SNBT, especially for women.

This is because the National Selection Committee for New Student Admissions (SNPMB) has provided special rules for 2023 UTBK SNBT female participants.

What are the dress codes that must be met by female participants in the 2023 SNBT UTBK?

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Rules for the 2023 UTBK SNBT clothing for women

Launching the official SNPMB Instagram account, Sunday (14/5/2023) there are actually general regulations and special regulations for 2023 UTBK SNBT female participants.

For information, especially for UTBK SNBT 2023 batch 2 participants, there are dress rules for female participants that must be met, namely:

1. Students must wear neat and polite clothes.

2. Students are not allowed to wear open clothes and footwear.

3. Clothing must not interfere with the test

4. Participants are not allowed to wear t-shirts, unless they have collars.

5. Students are allowed to wear denim or jeans that do not have tears.

6. Students are not allowed to wear jackets during UTBK.

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Meanwhile, special rules for female participants of the 2023 UTBK SNBT include:

1. Female participants are allowed to wear neat shirts or blouses.

2. Participants must wear pants or skirts below the knee.

3. Participants are prohibited from using makeup and jewelry that are too flashy.

4. For female participants who are not wearing a headscarf, their hair is tied or arranged neatly so that it does not interfere with the UTBK.

5. For female participants who wear headscarves, make sure the veil is worn neatly and does not interfere with it during the test.

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This is information about the clothing rules for UTBK SNBT 2023 female participants that prospective students need to know. Especially the 2023 2023 SNBT UTBK participants which will be held on May 22, 2023.

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