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The use of the Tinder dating app increased in the Corona crisis. However, personal meetings go back. The app is now planning a video feature.

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Tinder will soon be introducing a video chat.

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In this way, users should get to know each other better.

In this way, users should get to know each other better.


After all, you can't meet for dates at the moment.

After all, you can’t meet for dates at the moment.

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  • Tinder introduces video chats.
  • These should be particularly useful during isolation.
  • The dating app is currently used much more intensively than usual.

Social distancing is still the top priority in times of the corona crisis. The use of the dating app Tinder has recently increased significantly. However, personal meetings were not possible. The dating app is now planning its own video chat feature. Users can then chat face to face and get to know each other without a physical appointment.

Users who have a match should be able to use this video chat in the future. Of course, the function would not replace the previous text messages, but would expand them. Exact details of the implementation are not yet known. The video chat should be available from the end of the year.

«Demand for human contacts will never decrease»

According to a recent report by Match Group, the Tinder parent company, the average daily swipes have reached an unprecedented high. Women under 30 are said to have swapped around 37 percent more in April, which is normal. The number of messages sent every day also increased by around 27 percent compared to the previous month.

“We are confident that the demand for human contact will never subside, and we continue to work to meet this need. But this time of social isolation would be much worse for single people who no longer have any other opportunities to meet and connect if our products were not there, »says Tinder in a press release.

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