21 buses vandalized and more than $ 200 million in damages

This Saturday, the government authorities and the Metropolitan Region shared a balance after the incidents on Friday in different parts of the country.

The undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, confirmed that there were 16 events nationwide, nine of them in the capital, concentrated mainly in the vicinity of Plaza Baquedano. “17 people were arrested in the Metropolitan Region and six in regions,” he explained.

From La Moneda, Galli highlighted the work of the Carabineros: “Yesterday the application of the new protocols and tactics that have been used was very noticeable.” In addition, he valued “the explicit distinction between those peaceful demonstrations” and those “of violent actions.”

“Through loudspeakers they were asked to isolate those people who were committing crimes,” said the government authority.


Meanwhile, the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, Felipe Guevara, explained that “the buses were vandalized on 21 occasions with stones, scratched and we have two drivers attacked with minor injuries.”

‚ÄúThose who destroy do not want democracy, they do not love freedom, and they are only worried about chaos. When someone breaks the traffic lights the only ones who hurt are the good neighbors, “he reflected.

Finally, it was confirmed that the damages in Plaza Baquedano exceed $ 200 million.

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