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Original title: 22 Syrians play in the warm-up match, the training time of the national football is quietly advanced

At 7:30 local time in Sharjah, the Chinese team continued to go to the Sharjah Club for training. Syria is also training in another field separated by a wall. This team arrived in Sharjah early on the 27th and will become the only warm-up opponent of the Chinese team before the group match with the Vietnam team. When Syria arrived in Sharjah, there were only 10 players, but with the return of the league players, when warming up with the Chinese team on the 30th, the number of players will reach 22.

At 7 pm local time on the 30th in Sharjah, the Chinese team will have the only warm-up match with the Syrian team. The entire game will be completely closed to the outside world. After this game, the Chinese team will also have a regular two-day rest.

Li Tie is willing to be able to fight for 3-4 warm-up matches to help the national football players improve their status, but due to various reasons such as the epidemic, the only one that finally made the trip was Syria. Previously, the Chinese team had invited the UAE national team and clubs to play, but because the UAE League is still going on normally, the schedule is intensive, and the national team is not yet centralized, no club can accept the invitation of the Chinese team.

The Chinese Football Association once invited the Uzbekistan team, which was eliminated from the top 40 matches, to warm up, but Uzbekistan also declined on the grounds that there was no window for the national team. Since then, the Chinese team has also invited an Egyptian club to play. Before leaving, it was discovered that four players from the team were infected with the new crown. In the end, it could only be temporarily cancelled.

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For the Chinese team, the Sino-Syrian battle will be an important opportunity to test the results of the previous stage of training. On the one hand, the team can help players stimulate their physical fitness through the game. On the other hand, the team can also test the effectiveness of some targeted tactics. .

Although the Chinese Football Association is still trying to postpone the game time, the Chinese team has advanced the daily training time from 8:00 to 7:30 to adapt to the kick-off time of the game, and the lunch and afternoon tea time are also advanced accordingly. According to a reporter from the front, the temperature in Sharjah was around 30 degrees at 7pm. Although it was still relatively hot, it was much cooler compared to the top 40 in June.

As for the wounded, Zhang Linpeng and Wang Gang have started to train with the team normally, and only Wei Shihao and Li Lei need to receive separate rehabilitation training. (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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