23 Indian sailors arrested by the Indonesian navy urge S Jaishankar to come to their aid | News from India

HYDERABAD: Indian seafarers, on board one of the ships held by the Indonesian authorities for five months, claimed to be treated as criminals.
In a detailed letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, the commander and crew of MT SG Pegasus explained their troubles and the difficulties they have to face.
The ship, along with some other ships, was arrested by the Indonesian Navy on charges of illegal anchorage off the island of Batam, according to the charges that the ships had anchored in its territorial waters.
There are 23 sailors aboard SG Pegasus. Seafarers' attempts to convince the authorities to allow them to leave were not fruitful, despite the intervention of the Indian Embassy in Jakarta.
"It's been months and the authorities have come up with some new rules or excuses to deny the change of crew. There is corruption at all levels. We are just forcing ourselves to run from one pillar to another without result and losing all hope ", said the commander and the ship's crew in the letter of 3 July.
MT SG Pegasus is currently held by the Indonesian navy at Tanjung Uban's anchorage after being detained since 9 February 2019 because of the anchorage in the EOPL. The crew stated that they had to deal with inconveniences and obstructions on the part of various authorities and alleged "criminalization of masters and crew members".
The letter said that following the initial visits on board the Indian Embassy, ​​the Indonesian Navy and immigration and several meetings between them, the authorities had agreed to give permission and facilitate the change of crew.
"At the moment, the ship was given no hearing date and looking at the approach of the Indonesian authorities and their system, it could take months or weeks," the letter said.
The captain of the ship and the witness questioned by the Indonesian navy are also being held. "The commander was tried for criminal charges by the navy and the prosecutor," the letter said.
"All ship personnel are tense due to the current situation and delays. Most of the crew have completed their contracts, and some have medical problems or family emergencies at home that require their presence. L & # 39. "crew is becoming mentally and physically tired of all this ordeal that is affecting their health. Even family members are worried about our safe return home," said the sailors.
They said an Awadhesh Kumar Yadav sailor has been hospitalized in Batam since July 2 due to uncontrolled diabetes, weakness and pain. "The doctor declared him an inadequate doctor and he must be repatriated home for further treatment and diagnosis and the medical letter. But the crew was not allowed to be repatriated for medical reasons either," they said. sailors.
Seafarers' families are really worried. Bhavana Dhoundiyal from Delhi tweeted Foreign Minister S Jaishankar to obtain the release of 23 Indians on board. His brother is on board MT SG Pegaus. "My mother is serious at home. Please do SOMETHING. The Indonesian navy is corrupt. No action has been taken so far. Is India so weak?" He said in a tweet.



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