24-hour Covid-19 vaccination centers open in NY

EFE.- Before a vaccination campaign much slower than expected in U.S, the city of NY opened several centers, open 24 hours a day, to inject as many people as possible.

These vaccination centers are located in Brooklyn Army Terminal, which has the capacity to inoculate about 2,000 citizens a day.

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“It has been incredible (…). People really want to get vaccinated ”, he tells EFE the medical director of the Community Coronavirus Vaccination and Testing Centers of NY, Jonathan Jimenez, on the acceptance of this center located in the neighborhood of Sunset Park.

It is an open-air facility, made up of small booths in which New Yorkers register their data and are immunized against Covid-19.

Afterwards, the vaccinated person goes to an “observation area”, it is only an area delimited by sheets with plastic chairs, there they remain for 15 minutes and if they do not show any type of reaction, the person can leave.

Vaccinations until the early morning

This center of Brooklyn, along with another in the district of Bronx, began operating on Monday 24 hours a day, and although the number of patients has not yet reached its maximum, they have vaccinated many people during the early morning.

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The center has the capacity to operate 27 teams simultaneously, and each of them can vaccinate about five people every hour.

More than 2,000 injections a day are given in New York

Doing the math, Jimenez points out that they “definitely” have the capacity to vaccinate about 2,000 people a day, although they point out that they could be even more.

One of the lucky ones who received the vaccine in Brooklyn In this “megacenter” of vaccinations is Auburn Heller, a 29-year-old speech therapist who works in face-to-face classes with students with autism.

Heller is one of nearly 240,000 New Yorkers who have received the injection. Of them, only 23 thousand have been injected with the two necessary doses.

In addition, the data reflects that NY is having a hard time putting vaccinations at the same rate it receives them, since a total of 67,000 doses have been distributed throughout the city.

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According to official data, around 430 thousand doses remain in the cold rooms of hospitals and vaccination centers against he virus.

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