News 25 Prospective Doctors Exposed Covid-19 Apparently because of Party

25 Prospective Doctors Exposed Covid-19 Apparently because of Party

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo. (Source: FARASONALIA)

SEMARANG, KOMPAS.TV – A total of 25 students of the Faculty of Medicine Eleven State University in March (US) expressed positively displayed Covid-19 a few days ago. Sadly, the prospective doctor’s exposure was due to the graduation party celebration.

This was revealed by the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo to reporters, as quoted by, Monday (07/14/2020) yesterday.

According to Ganjar, the temporary suspicion of transmission was based tracing an activity carried out by one of the students conducting a graduation celebration party.

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The 25 students came from the Pulmonary Specialist Education Program (PPDS) who served at Dr. Moewardi Regional Hospital. Previously it was suspected, the transmission of dozens of students was allegedly due to their educational activities at the Dr. Moewardi Regional Hospital.

“The indication yesterday was that there were graduation graduation, then gathered together with his friends. There was a little small party,” said Ganjar.

However, Ganjar said, tracing efforts are still underway to track the source of transmission. While the condition of dozens of students are still people without symptoms (OTG) and are currently being treated at UNS Hospital.



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