’28 people who survived the coronavirus can donate blood 8 days after vaccination’


Coronavirus who said that they are from the working areas affected by the epidemic. Isparta Director of the Red Crescent Blood Donation Center Güzel said, “In the first place, our blood donation fell due to the measures taken by the Scientific Committee within the framework of the pandemic and question marks in the minds of our people, then the scientific facts emerged with the pandemic. The process began to be managed. In this process, our blood donation is now slowly getting back to its original state. “What we know about the disease is that the coronavirus infection is not transmitted by blood transfusions, but despite everything, we still follow some rules to take blood from people who have coronavirus infection,” he said.


Stating that they can donate blood from people who have caught the coronavirus and recovered, Güzel said, “The most important thing is that the person who has the disease can donate blood 28 days after full recovery, or can donate blood 28 days after the double negative test.” Uğur Güzel also reminded that vaccination studies continue in the fight against coronavirus and that blood donations can be made after the 8th day after being vaccinated.



Noting that they started to use the coronavirus inquiry form in addition to the blood donor inquiry form during the pandemic period, Dr. Ugur Guzel said:

“In this form, we have 5 questions that inform us about the situation of the person regarding the pandemic. One of them is asking whether he has had a coronavirus infection in the last 28 days. Again, whether he had contact with someone who had coronavirus in the last 28 days for more than 15 minutes, a history of going abroad, again from abroad. We question whether he or she spends more than 15 minutes with someone who comes in. In addition, our physicians question the findings of the pandemic such as sore throat, cough and fever during interrogation. Even if the person has a flu infection, we perceive it as a pandemic and postpone blood donation. We wait for full recovery and accept blood donation. we do.”

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