29 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Lithuania last day; In Estonia – 20 – In the world

In Lithuania, 29 people were confirmed infected with the new coronavir virus last day, the Ministry of Health said on Wednesday. Infection with the new coronavir was detected in 20 people in Estonia last day, the Health Department said on Wednesday.

Thus, in Lithuania, infection with this virus was detected in a total of 2,958 people, and recovery was confirmed in 1,874 people.

5159 analyzes were performed last day, but a total of 648 863 analyzes were performed in Lithuania.

86 people died of the disease caused by the virus Covid-19 in Lithuania, but another 13 people infected with this virus had a different cause of death. The disease did not require new victims last day.

The number of confirmed infections in Estonia has reached 2,415, and recovery has been confirmed in 1,609 people.

1595 analyzes were performed last day, but a total of 151 940 analyzes were performed in Estonia.

Out of 20 newly discovered cases, in four cases the players of the football club Nemme “Kalju” are infected, four more cases are related to the outbreak in Viru prison. In two cases, the infection was diagnosed in persons who came from Russia. In four cases, the infection occurred through contact with a previously infected person who has been identified, but in six cases there is no information on where the infection occurred.

Consequently, there are already eight cases of infection associated with the outbreak in the football club Nemme “Kalju”.

No deaths from the new coronavirus disease Covid-19 were reported in Estonia last day. A total of 64 people died of the disease in Estonia.

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