29 people arrested during riots


BIn Hong Kong, repeated riots, the police arrested 29 protesters. She announced the number of arrests on Sunday after clashing the night before after a protest march.

The officials used tear gas and pushed back activists who had erected barricades in the street. Protesters threw bottles, incendiary devices and stones at the police. In addition, both sides hit each other with baseball bats and batons. Also on Sunday, more protests were planned.

Well over two and a half months, the protests continue now. The trigger for the demonstrations was a government bill – now shelved – for the delivery of suspected criminals to China.

More willingness to compromise required

On Saturday, Hong Kong Prime Minister Carrie Lam said on Facebook that she had met with a “group of people” to discuss how to engage in dialogue. The meeting was attended by 19 business and political figures, the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post said, citing several sources.

More than half of the attendees should therefore Lam advised to show more willingness to compromise with the demonstrators. For example, they called on Lam to initiate an independent investigation into police violence during the protests and formally withdraw the extradition law. Both are core demands of the protest movement.

The metropolis has been part of China since the departure of the British in 1997. As a Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong is guaranteed extensive rights until 2047. But many dwellers fear that. Chinese security forces were gathered near the Hong Kong border.

Hong Kong has been making headlines with mass protests for weeks. They were triggered by a controversial extradition law, which has since been shelved. But many people continue to take to the streets - against police brutality and for their rights, which they see threatened by the influence of Beijing.


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