2nd stage of the 18th Chopin Competition. “Ballads and scherzos should be compulsory” – Two

Late in the evening on Tuesday (12.10) the results of the auditions of the second stage of the 18th Chopin Competition were announced. 23 pianists will start the competition on October 14th. On the day of the break (13.10), the commentators of Program 2 of Polish Radio invited us to summarize the recitals from the second stage.

In the second stage, the following appeared:

Arsenii Mun, Szymon Nehring, Viet Trung Nguyen, Georgijs Osokins, Evren Ozel, Kamil Pacholec, Hao Rao, Sohgo Sawada, Aristo Sham, Miyu Shindo, Talon Smith, Kyohei Sorita, Szu-Yu Su, Hayato Sumino, Yutong Sun, Tomoharu Ushida , Andrzej Wierciński, Yuchong Wu, Lingfei (Stephan) Xie, Zi Xu, Piotr Alexewicz, Leonora Armellini, JJ Jun Li Bui, Michelle Candotti, Kai-Min Chang, Xuehong Chen, Hyounglok Choi, Federico Gad Crema, Alberto Ferro, Yasuko Fur , Alexander Gadjiev, Avery Gagliano, Martin Garcia Garcia, Eva Gevorgyan, Wei-Ting Hsieh, Adam Kałduński, Nikolay Khozyainov, Su Yeon Kim, Aimi Kobayashi, Mateusz Krzyżowski, Jakub Kuszlik, Shushi Kyomasu, Hyuk Lee, Bruce (Xia Liu).

18th Chopin Competition – see the special website >>>>

In a commentary on the results of the second stage of the 18th Chopin Competition, Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, chairman of the jury, quoted Winston Churchill, who said that “true success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.

– In the backstage, I heard that the second stage is the stage of truth. I absolutely do not agree with it – emphasized the chairman of the jury. – You cannot tell what the truth is after hearing the candidate once. All those who played in the second stage are really gifted and very well prepared.

The two experts agree with the results of the first stage, although not without reservations

– Pianists are not machines. One has a better day, the other is worse. I am absolutely convinced that the whole group, which delighted us with very interesting performances for four days, will strive in this direction. Enthusiasm and love for music are the most important – this is what I wish to all participants. Those who will still play and those who will play, but now elsewhere – she concluded Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń.

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Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń and her summary of the 2nd stage of the Chopin Competition:

[YouTube Program 2 Polskiego Radia]

The number of participants, both in the 2nd (45 participants) and 3rd (23 participants) stage of this year’s Chopin Competition, exceeds the limits so far. As the chairwoman of the jury explained in an interview with the Two, all voters agreed that it is necessary to listen to a larger group of participants.

04:12 Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń on the results of the second stage of KCh Dwójka 13 October 2021 10_06_28.mp3 Interview with Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń after the announcement of the results of the 2nd stage of the 18th Chopin Competition (Two)

120:13 2021_10_13 10_00_00_PR2_common_audition.mp3.mp3 Róża Światczyńska, Andrzej Sułek and Marcin Majchrowski summarize the second stage of the auditions of the 18th Chopin Competition, part 1. (Two)

50:14 2021_10_13 12_09_40_PR2_common_audition.mp3 Róża Światczyńska, Andrzej Sułek and Marcin Majchrowski summarize the second stage of the auditions of the 18th Chopin Competition, part 2. (Two)

08:26 Dwojka_Poranek_Dwojki 2021_10_13-08-05-20.mp3 Dr. Artur Szklener summarizes the 2nd stage of the Chopin Competition (Morning Two)

The rules of the competition allow some of the pieces in several stages, which in practice gave the impression of repetition and specificity already seen. – Due to this arrangement of the regulations, the spectrum of pieces played by pianists flattened a bit, said Marcin Majchrowski. – There were a lot of recitals in which in terms of the program profile, and therefore the participant’s performances, these were almost the same choices – added Andrzej Sułek. – I have a fundamental postulate that both the ballad and the scherzo should be obligatory. These are so important and at the same time different chapters of the Chopin repertoire that they should be included in the regulations.

Chopin Competition FN.jpg

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18th Chopin Competition. Stage III auditions on Thursday from 10.00 a.m.

According to the editors of the Two, there are also works that could be excluded from the early stages of the auditions due to the level of difficulty. Belong to them Fantasy in F minor op. 49 if Polonaise-Fantasy in A flat major, Op. 61.- It seems that they create such interpretative and expressive requirements, not to mention the pianists, that it makes no sense to test the interpretation skills of the whole group of pianists starting in the first stage – argued Róża Światczyńska.

Referring to the participants who advanced to the third stage, Róża Światczyńska expressed her surprise at the absence of the Italian representative, Federico Gad Cremy. – Not everything came out for him, but he had so many interesting interpretative ideas that I would love to hear him play mazurkas or sonata – she said. – I sincerely regret our Polish Vietnamese Việt Trung Nguyễn. I think he had a good performance in Stage II and I was surprised by his absence in Stage III.

Dr. Artur Szklener sums up the second stage of the Chopin Competition:

[YouTube Program 2 Polskiego Radia]


Leading: Andrzej Sułek, Róża Światczyńska i Marcin Majchrowski

Date of issue: 13.10.2021

Time of broadcast: 10.00


During the auditions of the 18th Chopin Competition, pianists are listened to by a jury composed of: Dmitri Alexeev, Sa Chen, Thai Son Dang, Akiko Ebi, Philippe Giusiano, Nelson Goerner, Adam Harasiewicz, Krzysztof Jabłoński, Kevin Kenner, Arthur Moreira-Lima, Janusz Olejniczak, Piotr Paleczny , Ewa Pobłocka, Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, John Rink, Wojciech Świtała, Dina Yoffe.

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To participate in the third stage jury qualified the following participants:

Piotr Alexewicz, Poland

Leonora Armellini, Italy

JJ Jun Li Bui, Canada

Michelle Candotti, Italy

Yasuko Furumi, Japan

Alexander Gadjiev, Italy / Slovenia

Avery Gagliano, United States

Martin Garcia Garcia, Spain

Eva Gevorgyan, Russia / Armenia

Nikolay Khozyainov, Russia

Su Yeon Kim, South Korea

Aimi Kobayashi, Japan

Mateusz Krzyżowski, Poland

Jakub Kuszlik, Poland

Hyuk Lee, South Korea

Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu, Canada

Szymon Nehring, Poland

Kamil Pacholec, Poland

Hao Rao, China

Hayato Sumino, Japan

Andrzej Wierciński, Poland

Kyohei Sorita, Japan

Miyu Shindo, Japan

Announcement of the results of the 2nd stage of the 18th Chopin Competition

[YouTube NIFC]

The auditions of the third stage will be held on October 14-16, in two sessions: in the morning from 10.00 and in the evening from 5.00 p.m.


Program 2 of Polish Radio, the co-organizer of the event, broadcasts the entire Chopin Competition – all auditions in each stage and all concerts – from the ceremonial inaugural evening to the concert of the laureates.

Daily broadcasts are enriched with current information, reports and conversations – with jurors, participants of the Competition and experts – also broadcast from the special Competition Studio of Polish Radio Program 2 at the National Philharmonic. We also invite you to listen to archival materials from previous competitions.

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