3… 2… 1… Gold Price, Take Off!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World gold prices moved down in morning trade today. Understandably, the price of the previous precious metal has risen quite sharply.

On Friday (14/1/2022) at 07:07 WIB, the world gold price on the spot market was recorded at US$ 1,821.13/troy ounce. Slightly down 0.06% compared to the previous day’s position.

Gold prices are at risk of correction due to the high possibility of selling pressure. Because the price of this asset has gone up quite high.

In the past week, gold prices still posted an increase of 1.78% on a daily basis point-to-point. Over the past month, prices have risen 2.85%.

Therefore, gold is vulnerable to a technical correction. The price increase, which is already quite high, will tempt investors to cash out. Gold contracts are sold, the price goes down.

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