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[헤럴드경제=이영기 기자] “MacBook 3.63 million won → 2.1 million won? What is this?”

Recently, the selling price of the Apple MacBook Pro, which costs 3.63 million won, rose to 2.1 million won in Coupang, causing a stir. It turned out that it was an error on the part of Coupang. Coupang belatedly recognized the error and began to rectify the situation. However, ‘resellers’ who tried to buy MacBooks at low prices and resell them at high prices were in trouble.

According to the industry on the 20th, the ‘MacBook Pro 16-inch (1TB) 2021 model’ with a list price of 3.63 million won was recently introduced in Coupang at a selling price of 2.1 million won, and consumers were excited.

Not only those who want to purchase for actual use, but also resellers flocked in large numbers. Even a tip was quickly shared on Naver Cream, a limited edition trading platform, saying that if you resell it as used, you can leave a difference of 500,000 to 600,000 won.

At the time, the MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 model sales screen sold due to a price entry error. [인터넷 커뮤니티 갈무리]

The model was not normally traded in Cream, but the atmosphere changed as resellers jumped in. Resellers scrambled to make deals in Cream before they even received the goods, and a number of deals were actually concluded.

However, no actual deal was concluded. This is because Coupang belatedly informed the cancellation of the payment, saying that the price was incorrectly listed.

Resellers, who traded on intermediary platforms before even holding a MacBook in their hands, found themselves in an awkward situation. This is because, according to Cream’s policy, if a seller does not deliver an item within a set period after signing a transaction, he or she must pay a fee equivalent to 15% of the selling price as a fine. If the transaction was concluded for the MacBook Pro model in question this time at 2.65 million won, it means that it would have to pay 397,500 won only in fees.

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The details of the MacBook Pro 16-inch model signed on January 10 and the penalty policy guide screen of Naver Cream. [크림 홈페이지 갈무리]

When resellers were in a situation where they had to pay hundreds of thousands of won in commissions to resell laptops that didn’t exist, they shared how to avoid commissions in the online community, raising criticism again. Cream users strongly criticized these resellers, saying, “They sold short with a MacBook” and “The end of the ‘resellers’.”

Meanwhile, Apple released the new MacBook Pro on the 17th (local time). It is a MacBook Pro model equipped with the M2 Pro and M2 Max, which have enhanced the performance of the M2, a notebook chip developed by Apple. Compared to the previous model, the number of CPU and GPU cores has been improved and the graphics processing speed has been increased by 30%.

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