3 Banks: You can withdraw your salary in advance if it is concluded before Eid

In conjunction with the approaching Eid Al-Fitr and the end of the current month of Ramadan, many people buy sweets and all the requirements for the Eid, so some of the banks offer the possibility to withdraw the salary in advance and that service is intended to withdraw an amount from the value of the salary transferred to the bank and be before the date of the salary.

Banks that provide for the service of salary withdrawal in advance:

1- Banque Misr:

It is possible to obtain an amount from the salary of up to 65% of the monthly salary, which is a maximum of 20,000 pounds. The longest payment period will be two years, with the possibility of renewal, and that will be with the lowest return rate and the lowest administrative expenses.

This is done with the possibility of withdrawing or paying the amount more than once a month, and the required documents are a request for obtaining the service with a national number card, with a recent accompanying receipt and attaching the approved salary items from the employer.

2- Credit Agricole Bank:

The withdrawal limit is up to 50% of the monthly salary. The balance can be withdrawn directly at the ATM machines. The balance is settled from the salary of the following month. The required documents are a national ID card with a copy of the passport in the case of foreigners.

3- CIB Bank:

The withdrawal limit is up to 90% of the monthly salary, with a maximum amount of 150 thousand pounds, with the possibility of withdrawing the balance directly from the ATM machines. The required documents are a copy of the national ID card with the application form to obtain the service by guaranteeing the salary.

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