3 community teams won the first prize in the finals of the three-player basketball project of the first community games in Xi’an

3 community teams won the first prize in the finals of the three-player basketball project of the first community games in Xi’an

2022-08-13 21:27:01Source: Xi’an News Network

On August 13th, the gymnasium and basketball hall of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center were full of people, and intense and exciting basketball games were held one after another. 240 athletes from all districts, counties and development zones participated in the event.

After a day of competition, in the end, the Weiyang District Nandang Community Team, the Jia Village Community Team and the Xincheng Xianning Community Team won the first prize, the High-tech Zone Jinye Road Community Team, Baqiao District Banpo Community Team, etc. 5 teams won the second prize, and 12 teams, including the Jiajia Community Team of Economic Development Zone, the Luyuan Community Team of Gaoling District, and the Languan Community Team of Lantian County, won the third prize.

Live: The players had a good time and the audience enjoyed watching

At the scene of the game, the contestants competed for each other, attacked and defended, dribbled the ball, made long shots from beyond the three-point line… The offense and defense were constantly changing on the field, tacit coordination of offense and defense, skilled tactical use, and fierce confrontation Push the atmosphere of the arena to a climax. Every long-range hollow shot, every exquisite pass, and every dexterous breakthrough of the players will win a burst of cheers and applause, and the atmosphere is warm.

During the game, the reporter interviewed Yang Guanjin, a contestant from the Nanjie community team in Chang’an District. He said, “I would like to thank the community games for providing such a good opportunity for us to communicate with basketball masters from all over the city.”


The players on the court had a great time, and the audience off the court enjoyed it. “Every game is exciting!” In the stands, basketball enthusiast Mr. Li cheered for the players from time to time. He said: “It’s really amazing to be able to sit in such a well-equipped venue and see such a high-level basketball game. Very enjoyable. I hope to hold more sports events with the participation of the whole people, so that sports fans can have a stage to display their talents.”

Specifications: The field and referees are top-notch

“This is the first time I have participated in a competition in a venue with such good facilities.” In this competition, contestant Liu Haowei played on behalf of the Yangzhuang Community of the International Port District. Although it is not the first time to come to the Olympic Sports Center, it is the first time to participate in the competition as the “protagonist” on the field.

Liu Haowei said: “This competition has provided professional venues and high-level referees for our masses. My teammates and I will cherish this opportunity to compete in style, level, and style!”


Although it is a mass sports event, the specifications and professional level of this game are not low. The reporter learned on the spot that the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, where the No. 1 and No. 2 venues are located, is the venue for the closing ceremony of the 14th National Games, which can meet the requirements for holding international A-level events such as basketball, badminton, and gymnastics.

The basketball hall of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center, where No. 3, 4, 5 and 6 are located, was originally a gymnasium warm-up hall. During the 14th National Games, it used to be the main press conference hall. After renovation and improvement, it is now open to the general public. The reporter learned that the basketball hall is equipped with a double-layer keel and maple sports floor, a high-standard hydraulic basketball rack, professional sports lighting, air conditioning system, and a fully equipped athlete locker room, which can provide basketball fans with personal and team charter services.

The high standard of the event is not only reflected in the hardware facilities. The reporter noticed that the lineup of technical officials who judged this competition is also very strong, including an international referee and a number of national referees.


After the game: Further increase the utilization rate of the Olympic Sports Center venues

In addition to the simple and flexible competition system, small field restrictions, and easy organization, three-player basketball is also characterized by a strong mass base.

The reporter learned that the International Port District will take this event as an opportunity to continue to expand the national fitness effect brought by the 14th National Games, further improve the utilization rate of the Olympic Sports Center venues, and allow the masses to strengthen exchanges, friendship and sharing in sports and fitness. urban development results.

Text/Xi’an Newspaper All Media Reporter Guo Xu Photo/Video: Provided by Xi’an International Port Area

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