3 cryptocurrencies for October


The month of September is coming to an end – a rather weak month for the crypto market. This is nothing new. September is historically considered a month when Bitcoin is struggling. The fourth quarter, on the other hand, is mostly a profitable time for cryptocurrencies. But which cryptocurrencies could perform well in October? We introduce you to 3 hot coins.

Cryptocurrencies for October – 1st Kava (KAVA)

Our first cryptocurrency for October is a coin that is even outside the top 100 by market capitalization – Kava. This is a cross-chain DeFi lending platform. Users can borrow US dollar-covered stablecoins and deposit crypto currencies in order to generate returns.

The launch of the Gateway Testnet 11k is planned for KAVA on October 12th. This testnet is intended to give the validators an opportunity to test their setup before the mainnet launch. This is planned for October 15th. The new mainnet will offer optimized functions and broad support for various cryptocurrencies. The technical optimizations could allow the course to grow and establish KAVA in the top 100.


2. Elrond (EGLD)

The blockchain protocol Elrond is an ecosystem that sees itself as a project for fintech, decentralized finance and the Internet of Things. The network can execute up to 15,000 transactions per second and offers smart contract functions. The native token is called eGold or ELGD.

On October 14th, Elrond will be making some important updates. Above all, the ELGD staking will be expanded. In addition, an animated queue is built into which users can register in order to delegate their tokens. The users who participate in delegating and staking the tokens can earn from 6.95% up to 20% in returns. This makes Elrond one of the cryptocurrencies for October.

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Cryptocurrencies for October – 3rd Plian (PI)

The last of the cryptocurrencies for October is Plian. Plian is a blockchain network for multi-chain applications and offers a platform for developers to build high-scaling applications on the blockchain. These are based on the platform’s smart contracts.

A mainnet update is scheduled for October 15th. This should increase the mining stability and cross-chain functionality. This makes the mainnet more stable and more interoperable with other blockchains. Furthermore, 50 million of the in-house PI tokens are to be burned on this date. Both events could push the price higher.

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