Recently Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore They relived a scene from one of their films, this is not the first time they have worked together, there are 3 films in which we have seen them form a beautiful couple, find out what they are.

Adam Sandler is a renowned actor who in addition to acting is also dedicated to producing films humorous, he is a screenwriter and also a musician, he is currently 54 years old and is originally from the United States.

Drew Barrymore For her part, she is also a renowned actress, but she is also a director, model, photographer, and American producer, she is 45 years 9 younger than Adam.

Both celebrities They have excellent chemistry that can be appreciated both on and off the screen, it is a pleasure to always see them together over and over again in their films, they are the kind of characters that one does not tire of seeing because of how well their characters are interpreted.

Adam is characterized by having films that always have a teaching that is related to family or society, throughout his career we have appreciated great collaborations with different characters from the show business, including Rob Schneider, with whom he appeared with secondary characters in his films and he in his.

On the other hand, Drew has a slightly longer career than Sandler, she started from a very young age in the world of acting, she has always been considered to be a talented woman from a very young age, although she has gone through certain situations that are somewhat complicated. Throughout his career he has managed to overcome them and today he enjoys health and great fame.


Like it was the first time

Surely you remember this movie, it is likely that on television and even Netflix you have seen it on more than one occasion.

“As if it were the first time”, is about a young woman who loses her memory every night, the next day she lives again the last day she lived before a tragic accident.

Henry falls in love with her, he works for the aquarium in the city and when he realizes his problem he tries to make her fall in love every day, which he achieves although at first he struggled a bit.

On September 14, Drew shared a video where they both relived a scene from the famous movie, we will share it with you right away.


Family honeymoon

“Family Honeymoon” premiered in 2014 is the last film they made together, as expected it was sure that fun and feelings would be assured and even more considering the performances of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

On this occasion, two single parents ended up on a trip to Africa, the character of Drew was the mother of two boys, while the character of Adam had 3 beautiful daughters.

Although it could be said that the film is very predictable, it is quite entertaining to end up watching it, due to the occurrences that end up living, also in this film Bella Thorne appears when she was a teenager.


The best of my weddings

This film was released in 1998 was the first film they made together “The best of my weddings” or “The wedding singer” in English talks about a young wedding singer and a simple and humble waitress who are in search of love.

Billy Idol appears in a scene at the end of the film where Adam’s character dedicates a song to Drew on top of a plane.

“The best of my weddings” is a movie that you will surely enjoy not only because of the fun of seeing Sandler and Barrymore together but because of the plot, and as you surely remember the actor’s films usually have a lot of comedy from beginning to end, almost always ending with the occasional tear of emotion.


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