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The Dirt / The Mauthausen Photographer / Carandiru

Netflix Not only does it have mega-productions whose stories are fictitious, but also titles based on events that did occur somewhere in the world are part of the streaming giant’s catalog.

On this occasion, we recommend three movies based on real life for you to enjoy from the comfort of your armchair.


2003 – Dir: Hector Babenco

It is a story that marked a before and after in a country like Brazil.

Carandiru was one of the prisons located in the Brazilian capital of São Paulo, whose inmates formed an elite, taking control of everything. This is how they hijacked the center, establishing their own codes and norms, but the police ended up breaking into the place and there was one of the largest massacres in Brazil.

The Dirt

2019 – Dir: Jeff Tremaine

The Dirt is a biographical tape that tells the beginnings and culmination of the legendary heavy metal band Mötley Crüe.

In 1981, young bassist Nikki Sixx (Douglas Booth) announced his departure from the London band, with which he had been playing for a season, to start a different project with drummer Tommy Lee (Colson Baker) and guitarist Greg Leon, who, in an alien way, they had collaborated in the band known as Suite 19 and talked about the idea of ​​creating the largest band in history. But after some rehearsals, Leon decided not to continue with them, leaving Sixx and Lee in search of a new guitarist and vocalist.

For the audition tests they requested a loud, rude and aggressive guitarist, arriving, at the end of the tests, the flamboyant Mick Mars (Iwan Rheon) and meeting an old Lee collaborator, Vince Neil (Daniel Webber) along the way. Accompanied by the agent and manager Allan Coffman, the band took the name Mötley Crüe and due to its characteristic visual style, they presented their debut album. Too Fast for Love, with which he started a tour of the United States and Canada, giving rise to one of the legendary groups of heavy rock and the excesses of the 80s.

The Mauthausen Photographer

2018 – Dir: Mar Targarona

In 1943, the Second World War is at its most critical moments and the lives of the inhabitants of various European countries are in constant danger and change.

Francesc Boix (Mario Casas) is a photographer who, fighting with the republican army of Spain, is interned in a concentration camp, located around a small company in Mauthausen, Austria.

Life is terrible and ruthless in the concentration camp, where there are soldiers who fought and lost the Spanish Civil War, as well as thousands of exiles from the regime of General Franco.

In The Mauthausen PhotographerBoix, the main character, tries to survive by taking photos, collecting stories from other inmates and putting together a kind of archive about the lives of the inmates who died after an escape attempt that ended in tragedy. Over the years, the material he collected served to show evidence of the horrors of the Nazis in the concentration camps.

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