3 New Facts about Men Burning the Pulpit of the Great Mosque of Makassar


The police found a number of new facts related to the case burning pulpit Makassar Grand Mosque, Makassar City, South Sulawesi. Some of these facts were revealed after the police examined the perpetrator, KB (22).

Here are some of the latest facts related to the burning of the pulpit of the Great Mosque of Makassar:

1. Positive Drugs

Police said the suspect tested positive for drugs. The suspect’s urine tested positive for amphetamine.

“(The urine test) was positive for drugs,” said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Makassar Polrestabes Kompol Jamal Fathur Rakhman to reporters, Monday (27/9/2021).

2. Blood and Hair Checked

In addition to urine, the police also examined the perpetrator’s blood and hair. This is to confirm the alleged drug consumption.

“We will check the blood and hair at the hospital,” said Jamal.

3. Allegedly Consumption of Drugs Before Burning the pulpit

The suspect was suspected of having consumed drugs before setting fire to the pulpit of the Makassar Grand Mosque.

“It is suspected that the perpetrator has been consuming hazardous substances for a long time,” said Makassar Police Chief Kombes Witnu Urip Laksana during a press conference at his office, Saturday (25/9).

Kombes Witnu said the dangerous substances could be drugs. But he said investigators needed time to confirm further.

“The dangerous contents are as regulated in the Narcotics and Psychotropic Laws,” said Witnu.

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