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Towards the lake / The revolution / Someone has to die

Like every week, we tell you what are some of the trends that people are watching on Netflix.

On this occasion, we want to bring you the name of three brand-new original series from the streaming giant that are currently on the lips (and eyes) of many of the company’s clients.

Someone has to die

From the creator of The house of flowers, Manolo Caro, arrives Someone has to die, a miniseries set in the 50s in Spain. The action follows Gavino (Alejandro Spreitzer), a young man who has returned from Mexico to reconnect with his Spanish family after ten years away from home. But he will not arrive alone, his friend Lazaro (Isaac hernandez) will accompany you on this life-changing journey.

Wrapped again in the most Spanish and traditional tradition that can exist, Gavino will return to old friendships, as with Cayetana (Ester Exposito) and his jealous brother Alonso (Carlos Cuevas), and will also practice old traditions like skeet shooting. The protagonist has a purpose and it is to travel throughout Europe with his friend Lázaro, who is a dance dancer, however, these ideas will go against everything his father has prepared (Ernesto Alterio) for him.

It will be then when the different setbacks begin to arise, which will be added to the unexpected marriage arranged between him and Cayetena by his family. To this will be added the incessant rumors that exist about the close relationship that Gavino and Lázaro share.

The revolution

The revolution is Netflix’s new French thriller that focuses on the storming of the Bastille, a crucial political event that occurred in 1789. But far from being a purely historical series, this audiovisual tale is colored by certain elements of terror and fantasy.

In this case, the corruption and tyranny of royalty are not the only reasons behind the rebellion of the people, but also a strange disease appears that literally turns the blood of the nobles blue and provokes murderous instincts. Whoever discovers the presence of this pathology is the future inventor of the guillotine.

It is then a rather delusional approach that shows the French Revolution almost in the form of science fiction. The writer and creator of this installment is Aurelien Molas, young prodigy behind such celebrated fictions as An island, Red Creek, Get in Y The Woman From The Sea.

Towards the lake

Epidemic, The Towards the lake, is a thriller series set in a ravaged Moscow where an unknown virus turned the city into one of the dead. There is no electricity, money lost all value, and those still infected are desperately struggling for food and fuel.

The story follows Sergei (Kirill Käro), a man who lives outside the city with his wife and autistic son. Despite being in the suburbs, he travels to Moscow to save his ex-wife and son, even if he hates him. Together they must leave the past behind and go on a long and dangerous journey north to find an isolated hunting lodge.

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