3 things that happen when the sun rises from the west


The sun rises from the west believed to be a sign of the apocalypse. Scientists make a parable simulation if the Sun rises from the opposite direction at this time. As a result, these things will happen.

Earth’s climate would be much different if our planet rotated in the opposite direction than usual. That’s according to a recent study by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany.

Florian Ziemen, lead author of the study and his colleagues, ran computer model simulations over 7,000 years that reversed several key physical processes that resulted from Earth Rotation actual.

The model revealed a backwards rotating Earth with very different features, including diverted ocean currents, cyanobacteria waves, and redistribution of desert soils such as the Sahara Desert.

The findings were presented at the General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna, Austria in 2018. In their simulation, the Ziemen research team stopped all movement of water and air, then reversed the direction of the Coriolis force, causing the low-pressure system in the northern hemisphere to rotate. clockwise, not counterclockwise as is the case now.

The Sun’s daily path is also reversed in computer models, causing it to rise in the west and set in the east. The results, as quoted from Weather.com, Saturday (9/25/2021) are very interesting.

1. The weather has completely changed

Instead of flowing from west to east, the air flow in the simulation occurs from east to west. This made the climate on the East Coast of the United States the same as the West Coast today, with conditions that were more temperate thanks to the continuous flow of air into the Atlantic Ocean. However, it causes severe winters in western Europe, as the winds carry very cold air from Russia to the region.

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2. The Sahara Desert disappears

In addition, this simulation also shows the Sahara Desert disappearing. The barren Middle East region receives a lot of rainfall. Instead, the southeastern US and much of Brazil and Argentina turned into desert.

In Earth Rotation Normally, the area usually receives a lot of rainfall. Based on simulations, the desert area has shrunk to 4.2 million square miles less than Earth’s current desert area.

Earth rotating in the opposite direction also displays waves of cyanobacteria in the northern Indian Ocean. The combination of this reverse circulation, and the high biological production in the region, causes low oxygen levels at deeper depths, so microorganisms need to consume nitrates instead.

Since cyanobacteria do not require nitrate and the resulting water has low levels of nitrate, it is possible that cyanobacteria are the dominant biological producers across vast oceans, where nutrient-deficient water reaches the surface.

“Although blooms of cyanobacteria occur frequently on Earth, their development remains on a relatively small scale,” Ziemen noted.

3. Climate chaos

Earth backtracking may seem like a better place to some in certain areas, especially desert areas. In fact, it will create a climate chaos that will be destructive, and perhaps that is why it is called a sign of the apocalypse.

“If you are in western Europe for example, life feels much better on Earth with the current rotation pattern. Because with the opposite direction of rotation, this region will feel very cold,” concluded Ziemen.

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