30 years fall of the Berlin Wall: Anyone who says Gundermann must also say Pannach


Gerhard Gundermann's figure is 30 years after the so-called turning more connectable than the figure of Gerulf Pannach. Gundermann sings sad Bergmannslieder to the East German lignite outcrop, he is ashamed of his cursing spies as “IM Grigori” for the Stasi and says phrases like: “The existing socialism has devoured its followers as well as its opponents.” Or: “I am one of the losers , I put on the right horse, but it did not win. “And he sings of the grass that grows over everything. The two-dimensional perpetrator-victim scheme lay so long and so rigidly over the GDR after 1989 that good and evil relativize in all dimensions as if by itself. Today it is all about morality, even political, as a rigorous, radical moralist like Pannach is a single impertinence. It is also about socialism, the Biedermeier yearning for a comfortable and gentle socialism. Although Gundermann quotes Marx in “Gundermann”, he remains the singing excavator driver who mourns socialism that never existed and that only exists in his songs: “I make my peace.”

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