30 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall: Max Raabe experienced this in Berlin


Since 1985, Max Raabe (56, “For women is not a problem”) lives in Berlin and has experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall in the capital itself, as he tells in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

“I was studying music at the time, and on 9 November 1989 we had the premiere of the opera 'The End of the World' by Hans Werner Henze,” says Raabe. “Then the rumors spread that the wall had fallen, we thought that was a stupid joke and celebrated it in a pizzeria after the premiere, but the fall of the Berlin Wall was always a topic of discussion.”

In the end, she did not stop at the pizzeria. “Then we said: Okay, let's go to the Brandenburg Gate now and have a look – the first Trabis came to meet us – people were dancing on the wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate.” Raabe was not clear that the fall of the Berlin Wall could become a reality. “I would not have thought in my life that I would experience that.” Anyone who thought the wall had to leave was, in a sense, a revanchist. “

“I drove like a foreign country”

Max Raabe remembers the fall of the Berlin Wall as very emotional. “We were all very touched, hugging each other in the arms, it was very emotional, it was a great day, and there were a lot of great, chaotic days after that, which I especially remember, hanging all day Radio and heard which border crossings were still open. ”

The singer also paid a visit to the former GDR soon. “I went by bicycle right away, had to show my passport, I drove like a foreign country, I've been in Friedrichshain a couple of times in East Berlin, but by bicycle I'm going to areas you normally do not had not explored, was very exciting, “recalls the singer.

His personal fall of the wall-Déjà-vu

Later, the fall of the Wall met him again in a completely different way. “I was living in Neukölln at that time, and at some point I moved there and did not run from Neukölln to Kreuzberg until years later.” Suddenly I came to a place that I knew very well: Here stood the Wall, “says Raabe.

“There I had the picture in front of my eyes and suddenly it 's gone, so I had the second time the 9th of november, just a few years later, it was like a cut – zack, the wall is gone, that sounds so simple but there were so many pennies in another place. “

Just two weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Max Raabe and his Palast Orchester will be releasing their new “MTV Unplugged” album on November 22nd.


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