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“I challenge the ambassador of Chile to deny me, the Gini index with the fastest fall took place in the six years that I was president of Chile and that, please, be well informed,” launched the former president against Javier Velasco, friend of President Gabriel Boric, member of the same party and current national representative in Spain.

Former President Ricardo Lagos criticized this Monday Javier VelascoChilean ambassador to Spain and friend of the current president.

According to Lagos (2000 – 2006) it is “unfortunate” that Velasco has said, without statistical grounds, that the social explosion was the result of three decades of policies that deepened precariousness.

In statements to EFE, Lagos assured that Velasco “does not know the socioeconomic numbers” of that stage and distinguished between the first twenty years and the second ten.

In the first twenty, said the former president, Chile’s per capita income rose from around US$10,000 to US$22,000.

“I don’t know a Latin American country with that increase in per capita income,” he said.

Ricardo Lagos: “Let’s hope that this man (Velasco) knows what the Gini index is”

Lagos then referred to the Gini index, which measures how much is the difference in income distribution.

“We hope that this man (Velasco) knows what the Gini index is,” he launched.

Basically, the less it is, the less unequal the country is.

This index remained “stable” during the government of former President Patricio Aylwin (1990-1994), according to Lagos, despite “great economic growth.”

Under former president Eduardo Frei (1994-2000), the Gini increased, something that was “negative” because the main investments allowed were in large-scale copper mining.

“At the beginning of my government – Lagos recalled -, I realize that increasing income per capita It was not enough to reduce poverty and a special policy had to be made,” he said.

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“I challenge the ambassador of Chile (in Spain) to deny me, the Gini index with the fastest fall took place in the six years that I was president of Chile and, please, be well informed,” Lagos snapped..

Criticism of Piñera I, II and Bachelet I and II

After that, Lagos set his sights on the last decade of “the 30 years”, sliding criticism to the “Caburgua cycle”.

Thus, Lagos asked Velasco “not to repeat slogans, the problems began in the last ten years.”

In his opinion, since Sebastián Piñera’s first term in office “the ability to continue growing has drastically decreased.”

“And what is worse, to continue increasing tax revenue” to meet “the new demands of those who left poverty behind.”

“That is the reason why Chile has taken on debt in the last ten years,” said Lagos, referring to the presidencies between 2010 and 2022.

“And this indebtedness is the product of the fact that we have not been able to increase tax revenue, and why? Because the right has always opposed this increase,” he charged.

The “only” thing that the right has accepted is to increase the value added tax, VAT, which is the “most unfair”, especially for the poorest, he stressed.

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