31 fell in love in the 60’s. you are a father-in-law who comforted her because of her failed marriage, and finally … PHOTOS

An American woman married her ex-husband’s father. Her curious story was shared by the Daily Mail.

Erica Quiggle of Pennsylvania married her friend’s older brother from school at the age of 19. Her chosen one was 27 years old. Two years later, they had a son, but soon after, family problems began.

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Justin loved to stay at home and settle for small things, and his wife built a career, dreamed of traveling and went to car shows organized by her father-in-law Jeff.

Gradually, the two found that they had common interests and became closer. Erica soon began to share with him about her marital problems.

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After some time, the young woman decided to divorce her husband and moved in with her son and her parents. In time, however, she realized that she had feelings for Jeff. It turned out that they were mutual.

She discussed this with her ex-husband, and he assured her that he would not hinder her new relationship. After the divorce, Erica and Jeff reunited, and later legalized their relationship. They both have a baby girl.

Erika claims that she is still in contact with her ex.

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And she emphasizes that her relationship with his stepfather began after she was determined to end her marriage to her husband. And that he is not the reason for their divorce.

The American adds that the big difference in age is not an obstacle for their relationship. The couple married when she was 29 and Jeffrey was 58. /jenata.blitz.bg

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