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343 confirms the Xbox Series X game for Xbox 20/20 in July

Redmond, USA – The first show of Xbox 20/20 instead of. The Inside Xbox event, which focused on third-party titles entering the Xbox Series X coming, was well received, but also controversial. It became clear that the player were hungry for announcements of next generation games, but also that big, bombastic next generation games should be presented. The answer from Microsoft and 343 Industries is the confirmation of possibly the biggest Xbox novelty of 2020. Halo Infinite will definitely be on the right track this July.

Halo Infinite: when do we get gameplay videos?

The official announcement comes directly from 343 Industries in his routine Halo Waypoint update. 343 says: “You may have seen people talk about it easily before,” and refers to a brief mention in the previous Inside Xbox event. “However, we are delighted to confirm that Halo Infinite will be one of the many first-party titles included in the Xbox 20/20 event in July. Get ready.” If 343 is ready to participate in Halo Infinite To confirm directly at the event is almost guaranteed. The Halo player will agree!

Funnily enough, the “light” mention from the Inside XboxEvent of May 7th for more information on the July unveiling of Halo Infinite as the new update of 343. The announcement came from the head of the Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty. He said at the beginning of the presentation that Halo Infinite on the Xbox 20/20 will be in July. In addition, however, he said that the gameplay from Halo Infinite is shown for the first time during the event.

Will Xbox 20/20 July show knock us all out?

For many Halo player it may be a surprise that that Gameplay has not been shown yet. After all, will Halo Infinite Presented at E3 in 2018.

In 2018 we were presented with the “new halo”. Back then without a title.

But Microsoft and 343 managed to keep practically everything from the game mysterious. So far, all employees in Redmond remained silent. In 2018, it showed an in-engine movie sequence to show what the game could look like. Showed in 2019 343 a movie trailer that was taken directly from the game. The Gameplay was not displayed.

The big question now is how much Halo Infinite gameplay on the Xbox Series X what the demo material shown in 2018 or even the film material shown in 2019 will look like. It may have been improved how player should know.

Halo Infinite - (C) MicrosoftHalo Infinite - (C) Microsoft

Halo Infinite was shown as a cinematic trailer at E3 2019 when the Master Chief was reactivated.

What Microsoft and 343 with such a simple announcement is to put expectations to the maximum. Halo Infinite is the next game of the next generation from which player know it’s an example of what next generation consoles can do. And now they know when it will be fully revealed. The Xbox 20/20-Event in July cannot arrive early enough. The developer promised early on that you wouldn’t make the same mistakes as Halo 5: Guardians. We are excited!

Halo Infinite “Holiday 2020” will be released for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows PC.


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