367 Children in Singapore Positive for Covid, 172 Affected by Delta Variant

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A total of 367 children in Singapore tested positive Covid-19 during the pandemic, with 172 of them infected with the corona virus varian Delta.

As reported Channel NewsAsia, of the 367 cases, 50 of them were 0-1 years old, 83 cases were 2-4 years old, 76 others were 5-6 years old, and 158 were in the 7-12 year age group.

Singapore’s Senior Minister of Health, Janil Puthucheary, said that children under the age of 12 accounted for 0.6 per cent of all local infection cases in Singapore.

However, Puthucheary confirmed that none of them needed oxygen assistance or ICU care.

Puthucheary argues that children are less likely to experience severe illness from being infected with Covid-19 than adults.

He also cited data in several countries, which showed the percentage of children seriously ill and requiring intensive care, namely 0.7 percent in Israel, 0.3 percent in South Korea and 0.6 percent in France.

According to him, the risk of severe illness due to Covid usually occurs in children with special medical conditions, such as congenital heart disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma, to chronic lung disease.

Although none of Singapore’s children have suffered severe illness due to Covid-19, Puthucheary said that the government is currently wary of an increase in the number of positive cases in the community.

They are also wary of the possibility that more children will be infected with the coronavirus in the future.

He also gave tips to minimize the risk of children being infected with Covid, namely maintaining personal and home hygiene, using masks when going out, and reducing prolonged social activities.

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Until now, Singapore itself still does not allow children 12 years and under to be vaccinated.

Singapore’s Minister of Health, Ong Ye Kung, said on September 3 that vaccinations for Singaporean children were planned to start early next year, once trials were completed and permission to use was granted.

Based on data WorldometersSo far, the number of Covid-19 cases in Singapore has reached 72,000. As of September 13, there were more than 3,000 people in Singapore still positive for Covid-19.



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