38-year-old Anastasia Makeeva has shown a figure in bikini

Anastasia Makeeva boasted a slim figure

38-year-old actress Anastasia Makeeva wants to go to the sea and hopes that this summer mode the isolation will end, after which it will be able to go on vacation.

Yet Anastasia can only dream about the sea and try new swimsuits at home than she does. Makeyev had a little photo shoot in the bathroom and showed the fans his new swimsuit bright blue color.

“I fantasized that I was on the sea and went with her beloved to the Maldives. And all such go like a fool in a bathing suit around the house. In short, we are going to swim or not? We will swim in the Black sea or will you escape somewhere? Instead of the beach dance in a swimsuit in the house. And do you dream? I want the sea”, signed stills Anastasia.

Fans drew attention to the slender figure of the actress, which is clearly not gained extra pounds in a few months of self-isolation. Makeev can boast of slender legs and a flat stomach and a bathing suit emphasized the lush Breasts of the actress. Anastasia has received numerous compliments for my pieces from subscribers.

“Beauty — swimsuit-fire… the Sea waves are waiting for this beauty”; “a stunning Swimsuit figure, too”; “a great body and look behind you!” — write in the comments the fans of the actress.

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