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Theresa May has long tried to put a brave face on her agreement with Brexit, but with the intensification of leadership speculation, the opportunity to photograph on Tuesday was used against her by a series of newspapers today.

The Telegraph, upset by the prime minister's move to put the votes on a second referendum and a customs union on the table, goes further. Under the title "Desperate, deluded, condemned", the newspaper runs a devastating triptych of May, with a contorted face and a grimace in every image.

The coup d'état says that the prime minister is facing calls from his party to resign immediately after the "outrageous" offer. The front page analysis of associate editor Camilla Tominey states that "for someone who" does not go to drink in Parliament's bars "it is extremely ironic that Theresa May now finds herself in the last sedan".

The Telegraph

The front page of the Daily Telegraph of tomorrow: "& # 39; Desperate, deluded, condemned & # 39;" #tomorrowspaperstodayhttps://t.co/dxYrAn60oE pic.twitter.com/EemVlgbO49

21 May 2019

The Sun distributes a similar image alongside the title: "You will be back in the morning". Tom Newton Dunn claims an exclusive saying that the prime minister will face a coup today.

The sun
(@The sun)

Tomorrow's front page: Theresa May faces a new blow after a bet to force her Brexit agreement by offering Remainers a spectacularly demoted second referendum https://t.co/TFI1RGgdYp pic.twitter.com/HyEJZRw59F

21 May 2019

The Express shows May watching – for inspiration? – and describes his last speech as his "last cheers" while his enemies surround him. It is one of the few documents to characterize the death of the Formula 1 ace on the front Niki Lauda.

Daily Express

tomorrow @Daily_Express #frontpages
– Besieged #TheresaMay is the last cheers #TheresaMayStatement
– Tears like @jamieoliver the empire blazes #JamiesItalian
#NikiLauda he was the bravest of the brave and his death is that of a legend #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/CvJJFFYkYn

21 May 2019

I go Laurel and Hardy with the title "Another nice mess". He underlines that the Brexiter MPs who previously demonstrated support for his bill are now against it.

Allie Hodgkins-Brown

Wednesday i – "Another nice mess" #bbcpapers #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/v5a8l3QJ1C

21 May 2019

The Guardian says that the Prime Minister's last effort to get support for his agreement has fallen into disuse after parliamentarians across the political spectrum rejected his 10-point plan. The main image goes to Jamie Oliver, whose restaurant empire collapsed.

The Guardian

Front page of The Guardian, Wednesday, May 22, 2019: May's last attempt to win the backing collapses while MPs reject the "new agreement" pic.twitter.com/xamCvr0aqm

21 May 2019

The Times reports that "the deputies, including Boris Johnson", rejected the May offer on Brexit, choosing not to focus too much on its future prospects. May and Oliver have been rejected in favor of an image of Elle Fanning at the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (she doesn't appear in the film, but her sister does).

The Times Pictures

Tomorrow's front page: "The Tories reject May's last attempt to make a deal at Brexit"

In the photo: Elle Fanning on the red carpet of Cannes for the screening of "C & # 39; was once in Hollywood & # 39;

Read more here: https://t.co/HQJ5YN7s2v#TomorrowsPapersToday pic.twitter.com/T7MRFbemi3

21 May 2019

The Mail perhaps optimistically says that the May Brexit agreement is "hanging by a thread". The title is "The Game of Hazard by Theresa too far".

Allie Hodgkins-Brown

Daily MAIL on Wednesday: "Theresa & # 39; s Gamble Too Far" #bbcpapers #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/DU7CnMQCRp

21 May 2019

The FT focuses on Tory's anger in May's decision to offer a second vote as part of what she called "the last chance" to deliver Brexit. He waits until the third par before including the resignation calls from his party. The story is Jamie Oliver, who brings out his quote which is "devastated … and deeply saddened by this result".

Allie Hodgkins-Brown

MARKET FINANCIAL TIMETABLE: "It can ignite Tory's fury with the granting of the second vote" #bbcpapers #tomorrowspaperstoday pic.twitter.com/QnX2YbhMWd

21 May 2019

The Mirror proudly displays its "next gen edition" and probably changes the lives of three cubic journalists who get their subtitles (and ages) on the front. The topic is not politics but the problem of cyberbullying and presents a chat with Prince William. Even the magazine has a bit of a yield, with burning themes around it like "knife crime", "climate" and, uh, "cricket".

Daily mirror
(@ Daily mirror)

Teenagers took the Daily Mirror to produce a special one #MirrorNextGen edition. Here is the first page of tomorrow: it's time to end the cruelty online#TomorrowsPapersTodayhttps://t.co/9oyzCNoPrq pic.twitter.com/xOJoC7jIkA

21 May 2019

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