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On Tuesday, federal authorities arrested 24 members and leaders of a drug trafficking organization operating in Oklahoma that had ties to the powerful Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG). They fell into the "Smack Dragon" operation that began in 2017.

Five individuals, whose names have not been disclosed, remain at liberty. During the operation that was mounted to stop the rest of the group, three kilos of heroin were seized, about $ 150,000 in cash come from the sale of drugs, two firearms and four vehicles.

Federal officials believe they have dismantled this criminal arm of the cartel headed by the chief Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka "El Mencho", for the capture of which a reward of 10 million dollars is offered. In recent months, the US government has dismantled several gangs of CJNG operators in California, Texas and Virginia.

The leader of this group in Oklahoma was identified as 34-year-old Stille Giovanni Gutiérrez Vivanco, who from Mexico, starting in November 2017, would direct operations to distribute heroin in the north of the state and in other places. Under your command, the organization imported, processed and distributed about two kilos of heroin each week in that region, using multiple methods, including the movement of loads across the border between Mexico and the United States.

Only the "cell leaders" of the group received such shipments. They hid them in clandestine homes, where they prepared drugs and then sent them to other cities. These leaders are Mexicans who lived in Tulsa and had only direct contacts with intermediaries, who – in turn – delivered the narcotic to retailers, according to the federal charge.

The intermediaries were in charge of putting the heroine in smaller packages to deliver it to the narcomenudistas, until it eventually reached the hands of the customers.

Deputy District Attorney Joel-Lyn McCormick said the operation that involved several police forces began in 2017 after investigators obtained information from people considered to be members of the group who had direct contact with the cartel. Jalisco Nueva Generación in Mexico.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) notes that the "cell bosses" in Tulsa included a person responsible for transporting the drug from Mexico, another in charge of delivering it to mid-level distributors and someone who sent the profits to the group leader in Mexico through the shipping companies. money. This method has also helped them escape the control of the authorities.

The alleged operators of Gutiérrez Vivanco were José García, 36; Edson García Velásquez, 25 years old; and Norman Fabián Huerta Ávalos, 36, who was in charge of coordinating the tasks of the other members of the organization and of delivering the heroine.

"He had lieutenants, so to speak, here in Tulsa, who operated as & # 39; heads of cell & # 39;", said federal prosecutor Trent Shores, on modus operandi of the band leader. "The clear hierarchy of this organization allowed the group to be directed from Mexico and act here, in the streets and neighborhoods of Tulsa, "the official added at a press conference.

The other defendants have been identified as "Pancho", "Ramon", Osiel Serafin Calderon, Fernando Buentello, Sonia Hernandez, Devin Hartzell, Alphonso Caldwell, Jordan Smith, Lukas Widener, Preston Wilson, Brent Moore, Marquis Adams, Sean Wasson, Wyatt Meats-Mock, Rudolph Gorniak, Dalia Shehada, Kylee Heaps, Damon Proctor, Wallace Garner, Clinton Harms, Jonathan Red, Joshua Gordan, David Diaz, Megan West and Joshua Pittman.

At least Four suspects are illegally in the United States, mentioned the prosecutor's office.

Officials have refused to identify the five people who remain in justice.

"Twenty-nine defendants are not a small case . This is one of the biggest accusations you have seen in the northern Oklahoma district. " note the attorney of Shores.

The "Smack Dragon" operation was led by the Drug Control Administration (DEA) and the National Security Investigation Service (HSI).

This is the arsenal seized at Oxnard by the "El Mencho" sign



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