& # 39; I will be tied to Australia & # 39; – the 16-year-old Fowler set the goals for the World Cup


The 16-year-old striker will become the youngest player in Australia in a World Cup if he can convince coach Ante Milicic to give her a little time.

In one of her first interviews since the last year broke out on the scene when she debuted for Matilde as a precocious fifteen year old, Fowler shows the same confidence with his words that she does in the field.

"I knew in the back of my head that I was going to make it happen," he said.

"But no, I could not have – I would not have had – I expected that I was going to the World Cup right now. And # an incredible opportunity for me."

Likewise, the opportunity could be the Australian one.

Fowler showed many victories in four cameos for the national team; especially when he was called for the first time by former coach Alen Stajcic.

Fowler has replaced the oldest member of the world cup team, Lisa De Vanna, and dazzled against the major nations France and England in friendly matches last year.

A complaint with Matildas officials may have seen Fowler and his family united in exploring other options for his footballing future, but in any case, Fowler says he is all-in in Australia now.

"It's no secret that I could represent Ireland, I could have also represented Papua New Guinea," he said.

"I was born in Cairns and, as my father said, my family is proud of Australians.

"Now that I'm in the Matildas team for the World Cup, my goal is to enter the field: if I do, I'll be tied to Australia and that's all I care about.

"Then I want to score a goal, this is my job in the team, this is the goal."

Fowler faces a tough competition to play in France.

The front line of the Matilde is the biggest force in the team, where Sam Kerr, Hayley Raso, Caitlin Foord, Emily Gielnik, De Vanna and Fowler will fight for the seats.

With such talent, you might think that Fowler idolized one of those players on his journey to the national team.

Not like that.

"When I started playing soccer, my number one idol was my brother Quivi," he said. "He's the one who made me play soccer.

"I also raise Ronaldo and Pelé (but) having my brother next to me training every day was the best ever because I had my model next to me all the time."

While Fowler will have a lot to do in training, he will also work after hours with the same obligation as every 16 year old; Homeworks.

"School is very important to me … I enjoy it, I will definitely take school assignments," he said.

"Mathematics is my favorite subject, I love it."


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