& # 39; NO COLUSION! & # 39; Trump slams Mueller's Russian probe and claims he has not found evidence


"NO COLLUSION!" Trump flaunts Mueller's Russian probe and claims that after $ 30 MILLION and two years he found no evidence of a conspiracy with the Kremlin – despite the devastating revelation dayTrump tweeted Saturday morning that Mueller did not find collusive evidenceSpecial counsel presented new documents on Frenes in the cases of Cohen and ManafortMueller says that Cohen had contact with a Russian in 2015 but he never followed the supporters of the president, they say that the new documents do not provide a "smoking gun"

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8:37 am EST, 8 December 2018

10:05 am EST, 8 December 2018

President Donald Trump said prosecutors did not find evidence of electoral collusion with Russia, despite a lengthy and costly investigation. "After two years and millions of pages of documents (and cost over $ 30 million) no collusion!", He wrote on Twitter Trump Saturday morning, one day after the new statements of the court of special adviser Robert Mueller. The $ 30 million seems to be a reference to the cost of Mueller's investigations. The figure does not take into account the activities that former Trump campaign president Paul Manafort has agreed to forfeit, estates and estimated cash between $ 42 million and $ 46 million. The new court statements accused Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, had been in touch since 2015 with a Russian who offered a "political synergy" with Trump's election campaign and proposed a meeting between the candidate and Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Donald Trump said prosecutors did not find evidence of electoral collusion with Russia, despite a lengthy and costly investigation. The magistrate and prosecutors in New York have suggested the Kremlin soon influence Trump and his campaign by playing with his political aspirations and personal interests Complaints, in cases involving Cohen and former president of the Paul Manafort campaign, they marked a dramatic week of revelations about Mueller's investigation of the possible coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. They carry the legal risk from multiple investigations closer than ever to Trump, tying him to an illegal cash payment plan and contradicting his claims that it has nothing to do with Russia. However, supporters of the President say that the documents do not yet provide a "tuxedo gun" on Russian collusion, accusing Mueller of merely insinuating contacts with Russia along with unrelated crimes. In one of the documents, Mueller explains how Cohen spoke with a Russian who "claimed to be a" trusted person "in Russian Federation that could offer the campaign" political synergy "and" governmental synergy ".

Trump sent this tweet only an hour after the release of the Cohen convictions reminder

The latest Mueller files (above) bind Trump to the violation of Michael Cohen's election campaign, but the president's supporters claim they are not colluding. The person has repeatedly cited a meeting between Trump and Putin, saying that such a meeting could have an impact & # 39; phenomenal "not only in politics but also in an entrepreneurial dimension. "It was a reference to a proposed Moscow real estate agreement that prosecutors could have brought to the Trump society hundreds of millions of dollars." Cohen admitted last week to lie in Congress stating that discussions on a Trump Tower in Moscow they ended in January 2016, when they actually lasted until June, well beyond the US campaign, and told prosecutors that he never followed Putin's invitation, the offer echoed a March 2016 proposal presented by George Papadopoulos, an assistant to the Trump campaign, who was looking to other advisors for the idea of ​​a meeting with Putin The prosecutors said that probation officers recommended a three-year sentence to Cohen and a half-prison, his lawyers want the 52-year-old lawyer to avoid prison time altogether.

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