& # 39; Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; has a happy ending with this browser game


Horses, beautiful men and incredible possibilities to raise firearms: Red Dead Redemption 2 it's the wet dream of a stereotypical heterosexual girl. Nonetheless, it causes males and females alike to collapse in hysterical howling cramps in front of the console.

In the Western epic, we slip into the always dirty jeans of Arthur Morgan, who pulled out the band of Van der Linde since his youth, what remains of the Wild West. But the days of bank robberies and abducted carriages are coming to an end, the law can no longer be deceived, and even the charismatic leader of the Dutch gangster has good ideas. It does not matter how often it emphasizes that you have a "plan". As with the predecessor, there are also in Red Dead Redemption 2 no happy end. Until now.

Developer Liz Fiacco has developed a free browser game to turn one of van der Linde's "plans" into reality Van der Linde Farms The band successfully travels to Tahiti and runs a mango farm there. (It seems absurd, but it's actually one of the scenarios that the Dutchman wants to use to motivate his right hand, Arthur and the rest of the gang, to make a last big raid.)

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Instead of wanting more and more to escape from the law like Arthur, we decide in the indie game like a freshly cooked Dutchman, when new mango trees need to be planted. You do not just have to collect and sell mangoes (even if you can supplement your money with occasional raids). You also need to make sure your campaign partners do not go to the barricades. Such as? Launch a party from time to time. This, in turn, is not cheap, which makes the perfect mix of crime, harvesting mango and bonding with a difficult balance.

Yet no one dies, no one turns out to be a traitor, and there is no horse that you have touched for hours, only to be shot in a dramatic film. So deep the trauma later Red Dead Redemption 2 he also sits, Van der Linde Farms At least try to make the pain a little less bad. Like a drop of water in the ocean. Or a piece of sweet mango on the swollen tongue of a terminally ill cowboy.

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