& # 39; UN EMBARRASSMENT! & # 39; Tory MP attacks Corbyn's key supporter who called the "RACIST" poppy appeal

Nadhim Zahawi blew up Aaron Bastani for labeling the poppy of memory as a "racist symbol" in a video posted on Youtube. Mr. Zahawi described the movie as an "embarrassment". Speaking on BBC's Any Questions, MP Tory said: "Only on homeless veterans, I sit down on the homelessness task force that the prime minister set up because it's been determined by 2027 we would not have anyone living in a homeless person or sleeping badly and by 2020 halve the number As for the veterans, there are four constituent elements of what we are doing, so we have the alliance that establishes the commitment to the support of veterans, led by the Royal British Legion, which is why I think the Royal British Legion did more for the veterans of Aaron Bastani or Jeremy Corbyn.

Bastani intervenes: "You should do things, the Tories could do things, the government should do things".

The Undersecretary of State for Children and Families replied: "Aaron only listen for a second, you could learn something.

"The veterans council ensures that other government departments, not just the MOD, do their part, including our education department, with local authorities helping to ensure that people are not homeless and the gateway of the veterans, which is a unique gateway for every veteran to be able to seek help and be focused on that help is already part of this.

"Obviously the new mental health strategy makes troops to talk about mental problems without bottling it.

"So I think this tremendous job was done, if you just wanted to take a moment and do research on this stuff you would never make that video, Aaron, it's an embarrassment."

It comes after Bastani described the poppy campaign as "absolutely disgusting" and demanded that the Royal British Legion be shut down in a tug of online deception.

His comments were greeted by a strong backlash with demands to be cut by the Labor party.

The owner of left wing website Novara Media posted the video to the 25,000 YouTube subscribers of the page a few days before Memorial Day.

In the video, he said: "We all know about the charm of the poppy.It is something that is a bit of a joke for the people on the left."

He added: "I feel that the fascination of the poppy is grotesque.I think it has a triumphalist militarism, which," A ", no longer fits the British military position in the world.And & # 39; B & # 39 ;, is racist, are they the white supremacists – I think. "

He also posted on Twitter: "Absolutely sickening that, as a country, Britain spends 45 million pounds for poppies to feel good and help a worthy cause, while 13,000 ex-veterans are homeless.

"When was the last time the British Royal Legion challenged the government on the homeless and on public services?" Scherzo. "

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