3D images that reproduce Japanese stations with “Unreal Engine 5” are talked about as “only visible in live action”

The latest game engine from Epic Games「Unreal Engine 5」A 3D image that reproduces a certain station in Japan using“It looks almost like a live-action film”It has become a hot topic. While a personally produced video by an overseas artist,YouTube postSeems to be getting a lot of attention, such as over 70,000 plays in 3 days.

Located in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture“Etchu-Daimon Station”This video that reproduces the work is to design a 3D modelLorenzo DragoBy his hand.A scene that captures the platform inside the station where there is no sign of people, like a video taken with a smartphoneA masterpiece of quality that looks like realityIt is drawn in.

The high resolution is meticulous, including the deep lighting that changes day and night and the reflection on the glass, and the depiction of the viewpoint through the camera that naturally sways as you move must be known.Video actually takenI’m likely to believe that.

(The image isYouTube “[UE5]etchū-daimon station-Etchu-Daimon Station”Than)
(The image isYouTube “[UE5]etchū-daimon station-Etchu-Daimon Station”Than)
(The image isYouTube “[UE5]etchū-daimon station-Etchu-Daimon Station”Than)

Unreal Engine 5, which was just officially released in April eight years after the release of the previous version, has two new features that characterize the engine in the video produced this time.「Lumen」When「Nanite」Of these, only one is said to be used.

Although I use Lumen, which expresses natural indirect light according to the surrounding environment, I do not touch on Nanite, which incorporates movie-specific assets constructed with many polygons while maintaining quality and frame rate, other than plants. About the model ofDrago designed everything from scratchI’m talking.

He also revealed some behind the scenes of the production in the comment section of YouTube. It seems that the work was done using Ryzen 7 3700X with RTX 2080 and parts from several generations ago.Also, regarding the question “Why did you choose Etchu-Daimon Station as the theme?”“I like the countryside atmosphere. I’ve never been to Toyama.”Commented.

This video has a lot of hope for the possibilities of Unreal Engine 5.Platform for creatorsPosting on “Art Station”According to the company, some software such as Blender, fSpy, and Substance 3D Painter are also used to produce this video.

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