4 days after the start of the school year, the circular framing the “Covid measures” was sent to schools: here is what officially changes

There has been some muddle (and a lot of talk) around the new quarantine rules for schools. It’s been 4 days since the start of the school year, and the directors have just received the detailed measures. A circular takes up already known elements, but above all, it formalizes these measures at all levels.

Indeed, circular 8425 (download pdf) that can be found on this official site, is dated January 13th. She is named Procedure for the management of Covid-19 cases and contacts in schools. This is a temporary modification of theEmergency Brake, i.e. the measures to be applied in the event of problems related to Covid-19.

Here are the rules adapted to the level of education nursery and primary:

  • All children in a group and members of the teaching staff are considered as low risk contacts in the event of contamination of a student or an adult in contact with the group.
  • An Emergency Brake procedure is maintained. This means that if there is 4 infected cases (or 25% for groups of less than 16 members) in the class (symptomatic or not – including a member of the teaching staff), the class will be put in quarantine for 5 days.
  • It is recommended, when there is a confirmed case in a class, and for a period of 10 days after the last contact at risk, to be vigilant. Information must be provided to parents to this effect by the directions.

And here are the rules for teaching secondary :

  • At the level of secondary education, the rules applicable to the general population apply from 12 years old (i.e. from the first year of secondary education). The identification of contacts will be carried out by the Call center and the vaccination status of the students will be taken into account in the event of close contact with a person positive for Covid-19.
  • There is no longer an Emergency Brake in the secondary. However, if a situation is considered worrying by the PSE team (very large number of cases and continued increase), it will contact the AVIQ/COCOM surveillance team by email. The regional hygiene inspector may take any additional measures deemed useful (such as the sanitary closure of a class or a location). Note: The same rules apply to adults regarding measures to take in case of close contact with confirmed cases of Covid-19.
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Finally, at all levels of education, regardless of age: no quarantine or isolation when one has tested positive PCR within 5 months (but in the event of an emergency brake in the fundamental, this rule does not apply).

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