Technology 4 free applications to make video calls during quarantine

4 free applications to make video calls during quarantine

Now business meetings are virtual, families communicate with video calls and friends organize parties in apps / Photo GETTY IMAGES

In a matter of weeks, the world has had to reinvent itself.

The coronavirus pandemic has led many countries to quarantine their populations.

Now business meetings are virtual, families communicate with video calls and friends organize parties in apps.

Of course, popular instant messaging tools like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or Telegram also offer video calls.

However, the number of participants is usually a limitation, so its use is usually strictly personal.

As teleworking has expanded and more have to stay home, the need for more flexible and powerful programs has grown.

At BBC Mundo we have compiled some free and varied applications to help you keep in touch with family and friends or maximize performance in your company if you are telecommuting.

1. Skype

It is surely one of the best known video call apps.

Skype allows a maximum of 25 calls per participant / Photo GETTY IMAGES

It was created in 2003 and its popularity pushed the tech giant Microsoft to get hold of it in 2011 for $ 8.5 billion.

In its favor, its intuitive design, the possibility of making video calls in high definition and the sound quality stand out.

However, the limit for video calls is 25 participants, which reduces the possibility of organizing work meetings if it is a large company.

2. Discord

Perhaps a generation is completely unknown, but it is perhaps the most popular communication app among video game lovers.

To put it in some way, it is an application that combines the functions of a video call tool such as Skype with communication through channels or themes offered by, for example, Slack.

The gamer community has assumed it as its application due to the possibility of organizing communities where a game of a video game can be broadcast while communicating with each other.

Discord is perhaps the most popular communication app among video game lovers / Photo GETTY IMAGES

Regular users of the app consulted by BBC Mundo highlight its versatility and great functionality with a very simple design.

They also comment that the possibility of organizing video calls according to the theme also makes the application useable at a professional level. And it is that the same company could open as many channels as projects it is carrying out.

3. Houseparty

In this simple app, groups of up to eight people can replace their social gatherings with video calls where they can even play.

The app includes popular games like trivial or who’s who.

This app offers games for participants in video calls / Photo GETTY IMAGES

It is available for Android and iOS and also in desktop format for computers.

4. Zoom

With social isolation, it is probably the application that is giving more to talk about.

Its use is not only limited to the business environment. Several educational centers also use this tool to offer virtual classes.

According to an article in the British newspaper Financial Times, Zoom’s stock value tripled at the beginning of March, in an environment in which “opportunistic investors look for businesses that can benefit from global health fear.”

The company was founded in 2011 and is based in the Californian city of San José, in Silicon Valley.

According to some of its users, Zoom’s simplicity and speed to organize meetings is one of its strengths.

In addition, they point out the large number of functions that its free version allows, being able to group up to 100 videoconferents at the same time.

The simplicity and speed of Zoom to organize meetings is one of its strengths / Photo GETTY IMAGES

In fact, you don’t even need to register to join a previously created meeting.

Several renowned companies and institutions use Zoom, such as Uber, the Delta airline, the Groupon deals website or the University of San Francisco … and also BBC Mundo.


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