4 functions in Android bring iPhone users jealousy


Although iPhone users are everyone's dream, many users want to own an Apple phone, but at the same time, Android phones retain their brilliance with some of the features they offer and are not available on iPhone from Apple, so that iPhone users are jealous of Android phones, and wish they were present in their smart phones, and the following are the most important of these things as follows:

– Colored LED indicator light

Despite the numerous advantages that the iPhone has, it does not have a "colored LED indicator" function, which provides a visual notification when many alerts arrive to users, from missed calls or from a social network.

Google Smart Assistant

Although Apple has its own "smart" assistant, it does not offer the same functionality as the Google Assistant, which can be installed on Google iPhones and is easy to use compared to Serey.

– Customize applications

The Android system allows applications to be customized and placed in folders wherever the user wishes, instead of the display system on the iPhone, which does not accept many changes and changes as desired by the user.

– Always on

A function that provides Android users with information such as time, date, battery status and certain types of notification data at all times.



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