4 Natural Ways to Overcome Stomach Acid to GERD, one of them is eating papaya

RINGTIMES BALI – Are you a sufferer stomach acid? Here’s a selection of natural ways that can be used to treat symptoms: Gerd.

Treatment for stomach acid This can be done by taking over-the-counter medicines or visiting a doctor.

For some people there are also those who use natural ways to cope stomach acid to GERD.

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GERD is a condition when stomach acid Chronic where these symptoms occur more than 2 times a week.

Complaint stomach acid which continues to be left can also trigger the emergence of GERD. Then what natural ways can be used?.

Here are 4 natural ways or herbal remedies that can help treat the symptoms, quoted from the Harvard Health page, August 29, 2021.

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1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea can be used as a natural herbal remedy to treat symptoms of nausea and heartburn due to acid buildup.


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