4 of the most common reasons why electric car windows do not work

Electric windows began to appear, in cars, many years ago. To date they are still active and continue to be the most comfortable way to raise and lower the windows of vehicles.

Like most parts and systems in cars, the power window system also wears out with use and timethis makes them not work the same or even stop working altogether.

That’s why, Here we’ve put together a list of four of the most common reasons why power car windows don’t work.

1.- Blown fuse

When you try to operate the broken power window, listen carefully. If you can hear the motor behind the door running as if it is trying to move the glass, the problem is the next point. But if you don’t hear anything when you press the window switch, that could indicate an electrical problem. If there is no power to the window regulator motor, it cannot be turned on to move the window.

This problem could be caused by a simple blown fuse. You just need to locate the fuse associated with the power windows and replace it with a new one.

2.- Faulty window switch

If you checked the power window fuse and it’s intact, but the window still doesn’t respond when you press the window switch, it could be that the switch itself is broken. Over time, your window switch could break from years and years of use.

3.- Glued window

If you can hear the window regulator motor humming when you press the window switch, but the window glass doesn’t move, you know there isn’t an electrical problem because the motor is running. This problem could be solved by simply lubricating the guides that the window rides on as it moves up and down.

4.- Broken elevator

The lift is a mechanical system that raises and lowers the window of your car. It’s all the components that sit inside your vehicle’s door behind the door panel – there’s one on each door with a power window.

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It consists of an extensible and retractable metal arm, which is fixed to the window itself. It also has a small motor that moves the metal arm, and thus the window, when you press the window switch.


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