4 tips for students to equip themselves well

Distance, hybrid, videoconferencing … The health crisis has introduced into the daily vocabulary these words which reflect the digital turn taken by theHigher Education, forced to adapt his courses far from campuses. Today, studying without a computer or tablet has become inconceivable, so many millions of students and teachers have remained connected thanks to digital tools since the first confinementof March 2020. In this context, thepurchase of suitable computer equipment is essential. Here are four tips for buying the right computer or tablet for you.

Select the right format to work well

Classic, tactile, hybrid, gamer, tablet PCs: there are different types of equipment, with their advantages and disadvantages. a classic laptop is versatile, used for note taking, office automation, surfing the Internet, uploading documents, photos and videos. The screen of a PC hybrid can detach from the keyboard, rotate 360 ​​degrees, so you will enjoy a large screen for better reading comfort. The PC de “gamers” They are prized for their high-performance graphics card and processor, in some cases their high-definition screen, which, beyond gaming, is an asset if you use resource-intensive software as part of your studies, such as the Adobe suite, for example, made up of graphics software Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Optimize the cost and take out a guarantee

In a survey published in 2018, CSA Research for the credit company Cofidis revealed the budget global devoted by French families to graduate studies : 7,118 euros on average per year and per child, an amount that includes accommodation, school fees, food, transport…. A substantial sum, within which also fits the hardware, some computers costing several thousand euros. Others have more modest costs, such asLenovo Chromebook Computer / Tablet, displayed for less than 300 euros at Fnac. In any case, taking out a guarantee or extending it is an insurance to be financially serene in the event of a problem. That of Chromebook Lenovo is displayed 65 euros for 3 years.

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Be vigilant about weight and height

At theuniversity, students are constantly changing classrooms. Your computer will therefore be constantly moved. Lightweight, small-sized equipment like a tablet, which make it a versatile device, can therefore be an asset.

Think about autonomy and connections during lessons

At the university, classes sometimes start at 8 a.m. and end after 7 p.m. To follow these marathon days in good conditions, a autonomy greater than 6 hours on your computer / tablet is a plus. Some amphitheatres and rooms are still very poorly equipped with electrical outlets, which makes recharging the computer complicated. Another important detail, the connection ! Some models are not equipped with a USB, SD or HDMI socket. To have access to this equipment, you will have to buy an adapter, sometimes sold for more than 75 euros. A significant additional cost.

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