4 Tips To Reduce Sugar Consumption In The Body For Diabetes Patients, Try Changing The Type Of Sugar

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com – Here are 4 ways to reduce sugar consumption in diabetic patients. This method is to avoid the desire to consume sugar.

Diabetics are advised to avoid sugary foods and drinks or foods with a high amount of sugar.

UGM Nutritionist Dr. Toto Sudargo, M. Kes said, in general, diabetics should only consume one tablespoon of sugar.

“It’s really troublesome if people whose insulin has been damaged, eating a little sugar immediately rises very high. So it’s not comfortable even though now there are drugs (to control) but at least we can prevent it with a good diet,” said Toto.

However, diabetics need not worry. You can try following 4 ways to reduce daily sugar consumption, as follows.

How to reduce sugar consumption:

1. Avoid foods with a high glycemic index

The glycemic index is a number that shows the speed at which carbohydrates are broken down into glucose in the body.

Some foods have a high glycemic index, while other similar foods have a lower glycemic index.

“If the glycemic index is low, it means that the food ingredients are high in fiber, right,” said Toto.

“Diabetes sufferers have damage to insulin, yes, production is slow, so why are diabetics recommended to eat foods with a low glycemic index,” he continued.

According to Toto, one of the foodstuffs that have a low glycemic index is all types of cereals.

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