40 GB mobile plan for € 9.99, Bbox Fit Fiber internet package for € 14.99, …


Check out the numerous B & You and Bouygues promotions, enough to do good business like the 40 GB mobile plan for € 9.99 or the Bbox Fit Fiber Internet package for € 14.99 a month.

Why pay to mobile or internet plan at full price when it is possible to offer it at a reduced price thanks to the numerous promotions?

B & You offers 3 non-binding packages with rates valid until 13 May 2019. They offer all three unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France.

  • Proposed for € 9.99 a month without commitment, the package B & You 40 GB offers 40 GB of data, of which 4 GB can be used in roaming (Europe and DOM)
  • Offered at € 16.99 per month without commitment, the package B & You 50 GB offers 50 GB of mobile data including 10 GB for roaming (Europe, DOM, USA and Canada). You'll also have unlimited internet in France over the weekend! This will allow you to navigate without data limits and save even more your fixed volume of 50 GB.
  • Also available for € 16.99 per month, the package B & You 80 GB offers 80 GB of data, including 8 GB that can be used in roaming (Europe and DOM).

These prices will remain valid even after 12 months.

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for its part, it offers a special promotion on fiber access with a subscription Bbox Fit offered for only € 14.99 a month for 12 months, then € 26.99 a month later with a one-year commitment and the box included. This special offer is valid until 16 May 2019. You will enjoy up to 200 Mb / s downstream and 100 Mb / s upstream, as well as unlimited calls to landlines in continental France, DOM and over 110 international destinations.

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You'll also find discounts for 12 months on internet access at the fiber level with the offer Bbox Must (500 Mb / s / 300 Mb / s) at € 19.99 / month for 12 months, then € 34.99, or offers Bbox Ultym (1 Gb / s / 500 Mb / s) at € 24.99 / month for 12 months then € 41.99, with Canal Series as a bonus.

Please note that Bouygues will pay up to € 100 for cancellation fees for your former operator for any one year commitment.

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