40 Million “Bodong” Motorcycles Threatened To Be Confiscated, DPR Asks Police to Consider Community Economic Aspects Page all

KOMPAS.com – Deputy Chairman of Commission V of the House of Representatives (DPR) Syaifullah Tamliha asked the government to postpone the plan to delete motorized vehicle data with a Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) tax that has been dead for two years and more.

“The government should delay and be patient in the context of paying this vehicle tax, because of course the implementation of this rule will have a wide impact,” said Syaifullah, quoted from his official press statement, Tuesday (2/8/2022).

The implementation of the vehicle data deletion plan will automatically change the initial status of the vehicle from legal to “bodong” (unregistered).

That way, the plan will have an impact on 40 million motorized vehicles in Indonesia which are threatened with being confiscated by the Indonesian National Police (Polri) as part of the enforcement.

“As people are currently afraid of, namely the confiscation of vehicles because they are considered fraudulent,” he said.

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Syaifullah said that the insistence on the postponement was based on the current economic difficulties faced by most of the Indonesian people. Moreover, the high inflation rate has touched 4.5 percent.

“Currently Covid-19 is still haunting, most of the people are in trouble, not even a few at this time our people who work just for a bite of rice and provide for the needs of their children and wives,” he said.

Moreover, said Syaifullah, the inflation rate has reduced people’s purchasing power.

On the other hand, the United Development Party (PPP) politician suggested that the government should focus more on collecting taxes from corporations and the rich in Indonesia.

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“Just go after taxes to the rich that haven’t been collected to the fullest, though tax amnesty the government has done it several times,” he explained.

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Regarding Law (UU) No. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation which is one of the references in implementing the motor vehicle confiscation plan, he emphasized that currently the existence of the Law is in the process of being revised.

Previously, the Traffic Corps of the Indonesian National Police (Korlantas) of the National Police together with PT Jasa Raharja and the Regional Finance Management Unit planned to implement sanctions for motor vehicle tax arrears by deleting vehicle data.

To note, currently there are 40 million vehicle owners throughout Indonesia who do not pay taxes or are in arrears.

The National Police, Jasa Raharja, and Bakuda in the regions will apply sanctions for tax arrears of more than two years.

Head of the STNK Sub-directorate (Kasubdit) of the Directorate of Registration and Identification (Ditregident) of the Korlantas Polri, Priyanto explained, through deleting the vehicle data, automatically the status of the dead vehicle STNK tax for two years and more will be fraudulent (unregistered).

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“If it’s been written off, it’s a fraud, right, so if you’re caught on the street, yes, your vehicle will be confiscated,” he said.

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